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Xtreme Media installs a cylindrical LED video wall at NSE

11, July, 2014

Aarti Chhabra, allaboutoutdoor.com Bureau

LED display is gaining popularity and one of the key reasons is its flexibility in terms of shapes and sizes. Xtreme Media has installed a cylindrical LED video wall in the spacious lobby of National Stock Exchange (NSE). The company has stated in its media update that the LED cylinder display, with a height of 6.3 ft and circumference of 32.76 ft, is made up of the latest 3mm technology.

The video wall is powered by Xtreme Media Stock Exchange Software to show stock market information through graphs, charts, heat maps, etc. along with Live TV channels.

There is a lot of numerical data in stock exchange and such displays allows to present this kind of data in better formats like graphs, charts, heat maps.

The company maintains that LED displays are “bliss for outdoor advertising; it enhances the scope of OOH.” The media update states that apart from innovative structure, the LED wall also enables creative content designing. “Let’s assume this kind of installation is done in automobile showroom, the car can actually spin around the screen and that is certainly much more impactful on the targeted customer than a plain display,” the note says.