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Ambience Mall Gurugram Gets Digital Avatar

28, July, 2017

Malvika Mahal, New Delhi

"First time ever the NCR region has seen this quantity and quality of large-format digital displays installed within a single shopping mall."

Word finally seems to be out about the business end of the rather nice, rather large digital advertising rollout that had taken place in the Ambience Mall, Gurugram. This is surely the first time ever that the NCR has seen this quantity and quality of large-format digital displays installed within a single shopping mall.

The installation had been performed by HS Ad, the affiliate advertising of LG Group It looks like the product was designed to complement the overall look and feel of the centre, as well as to communicate the status of both the media company and the infrastructure owner to high end consumers.

Going with the flow of digital era, the mall planned to upbeat the competition with the help of new-age displays & entices its customers with vibrant & grand OLED display. The display is placed in the courtyard of the mall from where visitors can catch glimpse of display easily. Attention span of any viewer is short while multitasking; on the other hand, Visitor of the mall who is relaxing in the courtyard has enough time in hand. This is an opportunity any retail brand would like to use to re-enforce the brand, LED display serves as perfect tool in this case where animated & in-motion content can attract & enforce the brand in the mind of viewer.

Technical Specifications of the Installation are:

Signage Name: Landmark Signage, Ambience Gurugram

Product: LG OLED Signage Panels (these panels were custom-made as per the design requirement)

Number of Panels: 70 Panels of 55 inches each (43 Convex Panels and 27 Concave Panels)

Max Height: 5.7 mts

Max Diameter (Width): 6 mts.

Resolution: Full HD +

The Unique Features around the installation involves its Artistic Design where in the OLED Panels can be custom-made and curved to a range of different radii. This offers a lot of flexibility in creating a wide variety of designs options. Hence, this special design was made possible. Talking about the Technology infested, OLED panels have organic, self-lighting pixels and hence do not require an additional back-lighting panel and hence are ultra-thin, yet delivering perfect colors and true black. Because they are IPS Panels, the visibility and image quality are excellent regardless of the viewing angles.

Prashant V V, Brand Marketing Specialist, HS Ad Prashant V V, Brand Marketing Specialist, HS Ad quoted "First of its kind in India, Landmark is an innovative signage conceptualized and executed by HS Ad India in collaboration with LG Electronics and Ambience Group. Apart from the fabulous content, this signage is also capable of creating Immersive AR (Augmented Reality) Experiences. The 70 OLED screens custom made for this very signage were shipped in from Korea, LG Headquarters. A project sown in January of this year grew to its enormity in July 2017. These 6-7 months were equally challenging as they were exciting for the team as all norms of design were defied in this audacious effort. 6 rigging points were punched into the huge pillars of the Ambience Mall building structure, from where this mammoth 4.8 ton Landmark Signage was suspended"

He said - "LG OLED Panels offer a lot of design flexibility since they can be custom-made in different shapes and sizes. OLED panels have organic, self-lighting pixels and hence are ultra-thin delivering perfect colors and true black. Leaving behind all conventional signage displays of this country, Landmark opens up the paradigm leap for the industry as well as marketers. LG Electronics has come on-board as the first key advertiser of the exclusive signage. Other brands have also shown great interest for advertising on Landmark Signage. Association opportunities and pricing are being discussed for bringing them on-board."

Jusleen AhluwaliaMaking reference to the same, Jusleen Ahluwalia, Senior Manager Guest Relations/Customer Service, The Ambience Mall Gurugram said- "I feel privileged to have a one of its kind installation by LG in our Mall. It's the very first in this country and is beautiful, innovative, huge and very classy. Every single person stepping into the Mall can't leave without having a proper look at these superbly designed screens. Many of them are even clicking pictures from their phones! This will certainly attract more brands to have their advertising presence put across such screens. Ambience is thrilled to have this installation as it ups the ante in terms of marketing innovation, style, grandiose and most importantly consumer experience."

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