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"Lemma Technologies: Filling the gap between the Present and the Future"

05, June, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

"Lemma envisions to revolutionise the DOOH advertisement industry through providing innovative digital solutions."

OOH advertising has evolved over the years. Though one cannot overlook the effectiveness of OOH Ads, the biggest challenge for marketers today is accumulation and analysis of usable data. Initially, the problems faced with OOH were threefold - perception, creatives and measurement. Introduction of Digital Display Technology along with OOH has helped to solve these issues partially.

However, as with everything else, advancement in technology also creates new gaps waiting to be filled. The current marketer faces 4 major challenges in DOOH:

• The industry continues to grapple with fragmentation of demand & supply

• Advertisers are unable to gather meaningful audience insights on their viewers.

• They are unable to choose the best screens suitable for their business from multiple owners

• It is next to impossible to retarget users on the digital ecosystem which DOOH remains disconnected from.

Apart from this, many internal factors in the functioning of organizations refrain them from performing to their fullest. Lack of systematic approach, with a constant overview and strict monitoring at each step often reduces productivity and, in some cases, even leads to embarrassing situations. DOOH marketers still continue to use manually-run systems and traditional excel sheets and emailers for communication, with creatives still being shared through CD/DVD/Pen Drives. Processes remain un-automated and networks prone to hacking, as everybody continues to ignore the gravest problem; brand control. How many times have we seen unverified, controversial material being played on DOOH?

It is high time that these pain-points of DOOH advertising be addressed and tweaked to generate better and more meaningful results. An effective system in place can reduce the efforts in half, while increasing the efficiency by more than double.

The ideal platform can be said to be the one which fulfills the following criteria:

• Cloud-based with secured access.

• Compatible with smart-screens and IOT.

• Has in-built brand control abilities.

• Capable of managing multiple screens through a single port.

• Able to gather meaningful audience data and target individual and interactive ads to the right person at the right time.

• Ease of use through direct plug-in or, in future, through mobile access.

Lemma Technologies have been pioneers in this field and they continue their legacy in the same way. With access to 4000+ screens we are helping the industry take a leap into the future. We have made use of our 50+ years of collective experience in engineering and sales, building the world's very first programmatic and bidding platform to inspire innovation in the world of DOOH. Our DOOH programmatic platform is truly the first of its kind in Asia. The platform is a golden standard in filling the gap to raise the existing DOOH standards. It is capable of cross platform targeting and managing inventory with standard compliance and guaranteed ad serving, not to forget, having impeccable Brand Control capabilities. The content passing through the platform can be analyzed and filtered, before being passed on to the big screen to block any unwanted content automatiacally.

The future of DOOH has just been revealed and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Advertisers, Publishers, Agencies and anyone else related with DOOH; the solutions to your challenges are a conversation away. Contact us today and be part of this digital revolution!

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