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From Local to International: Chennai Metro Advertising is on a faster pace

18, July, 2016

Malvika Mahal, allaboutoutdoor.com

"Many companies are leveraging advertising campaigns through the elevated corridor in Chennai as the metro is becoming a much sought-after media for the billboard-free city."

Within a short span of time Chennai Metro has become a branding hotspot for local, national and even international companies which are keen to explore the outdoor advertising space to woo their targeted customers. The list comprises variety of brands including local players like Hatsun Agro, National Brands like Reliance Trends, Maruti and ITC along with some major International Brands like Renault, Motorola, Ford, Coca-Cola etc.  Quite a number of companies have already lined up and many more are getting ready to display their brands 'literally moving' on the currently operational corridor, which is not only  an elevated one but as well makes it a larger -than-life branding proposition for leading companies.

Going by the trend, several companies are leveraging their advertising campaigns through the above-mentioned branding .With different media options, such as Dwell Time Network, Moving Media Network and Train Domination, Chennai Metro offers significant opportunity to companies to connect their brands with affluent target audience.

JCDecaux, which is one of India's leading out-of-home players has the exclusive advertising rights for the Chennai Metro Rail Limited's (CMRL) rolling stocks (trains). Talking about the overwhelming response, Olivier Héroguelle, MD, JCDecaux India MD recently said, "The Chennai Metro commuters will see more brands in the coming weeks, as we are receiving great interest from companies in this branding format moving on the elevated corridor".  These will include exclusive external wraps, internal train branding as well as a combination of both. This is JCDecaux's first foray in managing outdoor advertising proposition in Chennai.

"The contract is for a period of 10 years and will include all the proposed 32 stations and 42 trains of the Chennai Metro Project where-in each train comprises of 4 Car Coaches. As of now, the initial phase of the Metro has seven trains and seven operational stations. CMRL was operational in June 2015 and has full scale connectivity on two metro lines spread over 45km covering 32 stations-19 underground and 13 elevated. The two metro lines cover key locations and intersections of the city, with an estimated 282 million commuters per year, which is expected to grow at 5 per cent in future", as told by the prolocutor.

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