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“Metro Wrap offers 7000 sq. feet of canvas”- Praveen Gupta

22, June, 2016

Bhawana Anand, allaboutoutdoor.com

"We have observed a massive demand from the advertisers. Brands have started talking and adding this media into their 360 outdoor media plan. Advertisers have found something new and innovative in outdoor segment."

Ventured in the year of 2014 with a handful of media property and even lesser demand, Eg Communications, the media owning firm has come a long way with their metro outdoor property. Along with adding more metro lines contracts into its kitty, the media owner has also soared up its revenue with the long list of advertisers and the number of campaigns. Especially in 2016, several big brand names have made entry into the list of advertisers who have opted metro branding for the first time such as Pepsi, ITC etc. Almost all categories like FMCG, Lifestyle, Automobile, Electronics, Tourism, BFSI and Ecommerce are repeatedly putting up their brands on Delhi Metro Trains.

"We have observed a massive demand from the advertisers. Brands have started talking and adding this media into their 360 outdoor media plan. Advertisers have found something new and innovative in outdoor segment. They saw the potential in this media that is the reason they are investing a huge amount in this medium. The kind of response brands are getting from this metro branding is self-explanatory of what we are doing", said Praveen Gupta, Director, Eg Communications.

While coining the reason behind the hiked demand for this media, the exponential growth in the commuter base was first on the list. Moreover the size of the branding space and proximity with desired TG also attracted the brands towards this media.  "On metro wrap, a brand gets 7000 sq. feet of canvas which is something beyond compare in Delhi outdoor media. You can easily distinguish this media with any other. On an average, every commuter travels at least 30 minutes in metro which gives sufficient time to a client to communicate with the commuters", added Praveen.

Another advantage that metro branding has offered to the clients is exclusivity. With the separate female coaches and different metro routes covering different TG, the brands have the option to take media depending on their campaign and its TG.  "Yes, the brands are rapidly picking up this trend. Clients do have their specific choice of bogies according to their TG. If any clients have women centric products, they can easily select only ladies bogie to showcase their brand. We don't feel any hurdle at all in maintaining and executing the same", explained Praveen.

Over the period of time, the DMRC authority has also become more experimental and relaxed. The authority is rolling out various tenders with a nominal base price to make it more affordable for the media owners. Wherein the DMRC has been rolling out tenders for other formats as well, Eg Communications has planned to stick to their metro inside & metro branding formats and become expertise with the same only. But the company isn't restricting it from expanding to other metro networks coming up. "We are planning to reach to other cities as well. We would like to associate with other metro rail corporations soon", declared Praveen.

Similar kind of media and audience has been offered by another metro network available in NCR i.e. Rapid Metro. So is it giving any sort of competition to the Eg Communications? Answering to this, Praveen articulated, "No, there is a vast difference in both the metro branding. In terms of the commuter base, route length, total number of trains, type of trains, size of the wrap, Delhi metro trains have an edge on others. Rapid metro caters only a part of Gurgaon, whereas Delhi Metro Trains covers Delhi & NCR region".

Along with exclusive rights of the metro branding, Eg Communications is quite satisfied with the response. "As a different kind of media is increasing very frequently in Delhi, we don't feel such competition from them. We are getting a very good response for the work we are doing. Other outdoor media is for a fraction of second but our media is for a longer period, this makes us distinct from other outdoor media. We have a good experienced, energetic team for the same who is into this work since a long time. With their support, we are easily operating and executing the same", summed up Praveen.

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