Transit Media Special

Junglee flies to Kolkata & Chennai airports to create region-wise brand awareness 

21, October, 2014

Aarti Chhabra, allaboutoutdoor.com Bureau

Junglee.com, a website that offers product search and comparison to online shoppers, has unleashed its shopping robots that instantly scan dozens of retailers’ websites and show shoppers the best deals that fit their criteria.

In an effort to facilitate deeper consumer connect amongst the niche TG, an outdoor campaign witnessed Junglee.com’s marketing initiative across two airports – Kolkata and Chennai. The strategy was to create region-wise brand awareness and have sheer intimidating presence in order to break through the clutter.

The planning was such that no matter where the TG is, he/ she can’t miss Junglee.com. While the ad copy at the Kolkata Airport read ‘Want Best Deals in Kolkata?’, the same for the Chennai Airport has been changed to ‘Want Best Deals in Chennai?’

The displays have been implemented by TDI International, the exclusive advertising concessionaire for both the airports.