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Innovations for the film ‘Deadpool’ in Cinemas

22, February, 2016

Saif Sayed, allaboutoutdoor.com

"Innovation + Technology executed at right places i.e. Cinema theatres, Indeed amplified the impact of the movie"

After much anticipation, the film 'Deadpool' finally released in India and thrilled the fans. A superhero film based on The Marvel Comics character of the same name has been creating a lot of buzz amongst the Cinema buffs. Promotions and marketing for the film was executed on a massive scale internationally and no stone was left unturned to pull people to the cinema to watch the film in India as well. Amidst all the huge 360 degree campaign executed for the film, a different kind of promotion took place in the theatres. This came in the form of an innovation done by Active Media Innovation where audience could engage with Deadpool, the superhero.

The motion-sensor cut-out of the superhero was installed for people to connect to the funny and notorious side of Deadpool as a character that he is. Based on the motion sensing technology, when the audience comes close to Deadpool, he reaches towards them and retracts back when an audience moves away. "We have done a lot of innovations in India for Hollywood, but this one is completely different from what we did in the past. The motion-sensor cut-out could sense the proximity of any human figure coming close to it and upon its sensing ability; it could lift itself off the ground. We had lots of fun doing the innovation as it was very clear to us that whatever kind of innovation we pull off, the funny and notorious side of the character should be conveyed through it", said Emraan Kureshi, Founder and Managing Director, Active Media Innovations.

Explaining about the idea's inspiration, Emraan shared his personal experience and said, "I have been a huge fan of Marvel Comics and Deadpool in particular. So when a fan decides to combine technology with innovation, this is what gets created."  

The innovation garnered a lot of visibility and generated excitement amongst movie goers and fans. A lot of people who came to watch films in the theatre were equally excited to experience this one of a kind innovation. One Deadpool fan said, "I have been waiting to see Deadpool, I am a big comic junkie and follow Deadpool religiously. This kind of innovation actually brought me closer to my favourite superhero and interacting with Deadpool this way is super exciting. At first I thought Deadpool is simply hanging up in the air but when went closer to see, it moved. So cool to see Deadpool interacting with me."

Another kind of innovation took place on Valentine's Day named as 'Augmented reality Valentines Day'. The audience would watch themselves on a screen through a live stream camera, along with them interacts Deadpool in a witty way sending out fan messages and one liners. The audience who were spirited enough to enjoy this on-screen experience with Deadpool were gifted complimentary photographic prints.

Both kinds of innovations were executed in Cinepolis- Thane and Cinepolis- Andheri respectively.

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