Ambient Media Special

Many brands are resorting to the idea which is awareness + experience - Nabendu Bhatttacharya

05, November, 2015

Prabal Poddar, allaboutoutdoor.com Bureau

In its special feature section on Ambient advertising, allaboutoutdoor.com showcases its futuristic, prudent and provident approach to create an understanding of the new era of OOH, an era that has redefined outdoor advertising. It has established modish methods amalgamating technology, creative dexterity and innovative planning. This is the era of ambient advertising. Allaboutoutdoor has taken the responsibility to help the Indian OOH fraternity to accept and develop ambient advertising by creating awareness and knowledge about this modern medium. With the new year approaching, we tried to find out how much will ambient advertising contribute in the overall OOH business. Nabendu Bhattacharya, MD, Milestone brandcom, shared his views on the issue with our senior correspondent, Prabal Poddar. Here is what he feels about the market trends of OOH and especially ambient advertising in the year 2016.

1. The third quarter of the current year has been good for the OOH industry with an estimated growth of 7%- 8%. What are your expectations from the Q4?

Q4 spend will continue with Largest Festival Diwali & New Year’s celebration. Every Year First half spends are generally 40% to 45% of the Industry & 2nd Half spends are always 55% to 60%

2. How do you see the year 2016 for OOH Industry? What would be the main factors for growth?

• 2016 in my mind will continue to be a good year for OOH Industry. As Ecom – M Com will continue capture all categories across India subscriber base.

• Smart phone will further compete with each other with new models, new brands, price and various features to support ecom – mcom market.

• With BARC report out Media & Entertainment channel will try to focus on tier 2 and tier 3 market also to create awareness.

• Banking financial will become more active with the Development Agenda of Present Government.

• Real estate will recover from bad days with cost correction & with interest rate decrease.

• Airtel – Vodafone & Idea will look at increasing bandwidth and focus on 4G to Combat Reliance Gio.

• Telecom sector can possibly witness Consolidation with few players’ merger and acquisition.

• Automobile sector will increase spend on OOH to be on Top of Mind of consumer.

• All In all I predict a 15 to 20% growth of OOH Industry in India.

3. With new categories like e- commerce substantially active in OOH advertising, which categories you think will be the major contributors in the next year.

E Commerce, Handsets & Media –entertainment will continue to dominate OOH space in 2016.

4. Do you think year 2015 has helped established new trends in OOH industry with a considerable rise in relatively new segments of OOH like ambient and experiential advertising? With rapidly advancing technology and innovations witnessed in recent times do you think the approach of OOH industry in witnessing a change?

Brands and product wants static visibility with science & experiential collaboration. Due to constraint of technology usage in OOH Roadside format by authorities – Technological innovation becomes hindrance by brands. Hence Static execution with experiential if used seamlessly at various touch points it works. Many brands are resorting to the idea which is awareness + experience. That would be the trend clients and brands would expect from communication agencies and will be preferred to communicate with consumers. Hence, while Outdoors Primary objective would continue to build quick awareness and TOM , however, connecting with consumer in active mode would be order of the day in future.