Ambient Media Special

Brands need to stretch the possibilities of Ambient Media advertising in mini metros as well; Emraan Kureshi

06, August, 2015

Abhinav Mohapatra, allaboutoutdoor.com Bureau

Emraan Kureshi, Founder and MD, Active Media Innovations, in a candid conversation with allaboutoutdoor.com reveals his thoughts about Ambient Media Advertising and how the industry is rapidly evolving with the need of new ideas, concepts and audience engagement methods. He explains how ambient advertising is closely related to the digital platform in terms of audience response and viewership calculation as well as how brands, though reluctant, can gain in terms of ROI from ambient media activations. 

In an industry article you had mentioned that Ambient Media is an economical OOH advertising avenue and also a platform that can be further used in digital marketing; why do you feel so?

I feel worldwide the most famous outdoor ads, which have made impact on consumers’ minds are ambient ads, traditional outdoor media per se does not hold much recall value in the minds of the consumers. Day by day media owners are increasing their space rates, that make the proposition higher for a client to invest on static media, with the expectation of the clients sitting on a couple of seconds of the OTS ( Oppourtunity to See).

On internet the world is sharing photos, chats, videos, selfies, news, happenings and events. The emerging trends of sharing experiences on the digital platform make it a possibility for people to share their ‘wow’ moment that they have had with an ambient media advertisement. For example, our recent innovation for Jurrassic World got 2.2 millions Facebook likes on our client’s Facebook page, while most of the billboards and bus shelters don’t even get 1 per cent visibility of this number sometimes for the same campaign. This also answers your question of effectiveness and impact of an ambient advertising campaign in relation to the digital platform.

What are the challenges that you face while executing an Ambient media advertising campaign are these challenges common for the fraternity?

We like to convert challenges into ‘Opportunities’, we don`t become the victim of challenges rather the victors of it. All our ambient solutions are Creative Arts, and this kind of advertising is happening for the first time all around the globe. Since these campaigns are innovations and inventions of media being executed for the first time, the challenges are not common at all and every innovation has its own novel learning factor. 

What are the steps that the OOH fraternity should take for making marketers and brand managers invest more in Ambient Media advertising?

We say that one should not invest more or invest less. We have seen millions of rupees being invested on traditional billboards and static media. Usually these campaigns never become the talking point for a long period of time, they also don’t they drive enough visibility nor are they get noticed and covered extensively on a regular basis. Ambient on the other hand acts like a PR buzzer and a brand can get a lot of mileage from it since the visibility can be connected with its response on the digital platform, which makes it calculable to an extent. Most brands are reluctant to invest and do something different but we feel all brand should dare to do something different. 

Recently you executed four back to back campaigns for Relaince Digitial, Jurassic Park, Minions and Pixels; how different is ambient media advertising in India compared to international markets? Is it only infrastructural differences or difference in ideation?

Internationally, people see ambient advertising as a form of art in a specific landscape. The ideation is the key in a market and the key to success is an idea or a concept that can be executed to make the ambient advertising different and innovative. The common thread in all our recent campaigns that we have executed was innovativeness and that is how both the brand and the concept got noticed to become the talking point.

Is it true that the core audience for Ambient Media campaigns are only in top metro cities or it is also meant for tier II and III towns?

Ambient is a media that is captivating, focused and targeted in a specific space that creates the right kind of communication with the core target audience. This can be a washroom, cinema, lobbies, college cafeterias etc. With the potential of connecting directly with the audience, brands need to stretch their possibilities of communication in mini metros as well, rather than keeping focus on couple of cities in the country.

Will Ambient Media advertising eat into any other OOH media format and make it obsolete? How rapidly is it evolving?

The world is on a stage of rapid evolution when it comes to our industry. Newspapers have become e-papers, Television screens have become mobile screens, the evolution is also happening in the OOH platforms as well and we are setting up the trend for this evolution in the country. I feel with the limited resources and the need for new concepts for advertising, the OOH industry will soon be able to see a transformation from a bought media to ambient media.