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Campaign by The Hindu let corporate men woo Hyderabadi taste buds

27, November, 2017

Tanya Singh, New Delhi

"The 9 day campaign in Hyderabad effectively centred their motivational communication through 300 Residential DOOH screens."

In a fast paced world such as ours, many a dreams, or hobbies that were once medicine to the souls, take a back seat to catch up to that rapidity.

The Hindu made sure to pull out those dreaming eyes from the dark with their recently held The Cookery King contest, in the palate stirring city of Hyderabad itself.

Their digital partners for the campaign were leading residential media owners-   Addefy, who made sure to give the contest a thorough digital presence by means of Residential DOOH and Facebook and also creating their own content and communication. The challenge given to them at hand included building the campaign from scratch in mere 7 days and creating a stir amongst their target audience with their communication. This meticulous marketing communication was aimed at motivating them enough to physically register and take part in the cooking contest. Opting for no other overt marketing strategies, the testing waters for the campaign were made more rapid for Addefy as it was a MEN's only contest.

The campaign started out by rolling out the communication through Hindu's print creatives and residential Digital OOH to make sure it reached the precise target audience and with repeated recall, after which their promotions were concentrated upon Facebook and content specifically designed for the same.

Addefy’s Residential DOOH played a very key role in creating a huge awareness across the city using their 300 screens reaching out to more than 50,000 people. The two creatives proved to be effective and consistent in their communication as their vibrancy and motivating words flashing in those screens were enough to stir curiosity and encouragement within the men to take part in the event. The result was a successful campaign with nearly 137 registrations out of which nearly 120 participants turned up at the event, a turn out that went beyond Addefy’s aimed participants.

The duration of the campaign was 27th  October to the 4th of November, wherein the prelims of the event were conducted on 4th of November, from which nine contestants were selected for the finals, held on 12th of November.

Ch. Venkatrathnam - Sr General Manager - AP & TSCh. Venkatrathnam - Sr General Manager - AP & TS, shares, " Our association with Addefy in our recent successful event Cookery King in Hyderabad was an exciting journey as we started off with a challenging target in stiff limited time and reached our final destination in no time, which is purely because of the support extended and efforts put in by Addefy in Facebook and Residential digital OOH. It was very fulfilling as we got to meet passionate men on this platform and were able to interact with them creating an amazing event. "

Nirvitha Amancharla, Head of sales and marketingSpeaking of the campaign, Nirvitha Amancharla, Head of sales and marketing, said, "It was a very big challenge thrown at us as we had to create a campaign from scratch and show physical results in just 7 days. There were contestants who literally came to the event and told the organizers (The Hindu team) that the R-DOOH screens played a key role in motivating and pushing them to take part in the event. I am glad we took up this challenge instead of bailing out and created a very successful campaign with a happy client. We are great full to The Hindu team for entrusting us with such a project. "

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