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Redefining Residential DOOH in Hyderabad

20, June, 2017

Malvika Mahal, New Delhi

"We stay unaffected by storms, curfews, local bans and even power cuts. The medium is also eco-friendly as we do not have to print on large formats of plastic substrates which have profound negative impact on the environment and society's health."

The Residential Network gets advertisers past the locked door of lobbies and enables them to display their ads alongside timely, clock building-specific information, local weather and news. Good things happen when you adapt your messaging to fit into your audience's daily schedule. The respectful familiarity that exists among like-minded tenants, coupled with the safe environment of the place they call home, makes residential buildings a great place to achieve meaningful brand integration. The DOOH screens are strategically placed in the heavy-traffic common areas of high-rise buildings to enhance the resident experience.

As a medium that was always appreciated for the kind of traction that it gets for brands, the opportunity to see, when it comes to ambient media, is great for any psychographic destination outside one's home, making it a marketer's paradise.

The Digital Residential Network cuts through the clutter of traditional media vehicles-flyers, newspapers, direct mail and such-at a fraction of the cost. Advertisers can easily update their creative in real time without the hassle of reprinting and redistributing an ad. The screens provide added value to tenants by allowing them to catch up on news, local weather, and building announcements. Your brand can be a part of that added value, perhaps more importantly, be associated with added value.

To discuss the exact brain wave on Residential DOOH, All About Outdoor approached Nirvitha Amancharla, Head Sales and Marketing, Addefy Advertising Services Private Limited for a quick chat. Below are the edited excerpts:

Tell us about Addefy. What had been its success chronicles so far?

Addefy is a team of advertising professionals whose goal is to improve everyone's life through our unique advertising initiatives. Addefy adds Potential to social neighbourhood improvements through their active participation in the medium. The solutions are designed keeping in mind the advertiser and the consumer, to bring a prosperous relationship between all our clients (both advertisers & consumers). Residential Advertising is one such medium where we have invested and are nurturing it since 2010 ever since Addefy was established. We started our Journey with Static Advertising Panels next to the elevator in 2010 and have now evolved to Live Digital OOH Screens which are connected in 2015. Even though the concept was totally new when we started out, we got very good response and grew from hardly 100 panels to 1200 panels. Once we reached this milestone and saw that both the Brand and the Buyer were happy and actively associating with us on a daily basis, so we decided to go Digital. That's when the product "Alive" (residential DOOH) came into existence.

How many screens in totality do you guys own? We'd love to know about the volume of your media.

We have around 258 screens which are presently Alive and running across Hyderabad in different areas. Another 50 screens will be installed by next month & 200 more screens are coming up in the next 2 months. Our media volume is continuously increasing on a daily basis. This medium currently targets more than 10,000 households directly and our future goal is to make it over 1Lac households within the next 1 year in Hyderabad alone.  

At what all places can we find your sturdy presence?

We are present all across Hyderabad city covering all the major locations like Hi-Tech city, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Madinaguda, Kukatpally, Miyapur, Attapur, Chandanagar, L B Nagar, AS Rao nagar, Trimulgherry, Himyatnagar & Tarnaka.

What kind of campaigns do you guys organize?

We have been lucky to have a very faithful customer base who have been working with us for almost 6 years or more. Some of the brands we worked with are Tanishq, Reliance digital, ITC, McDonalds, W women's store, Unlimited, MAX, EasyBuy, Swiggy, OLA, Kotak Mahindra Bank, etc. Talking specifically about the kind of campaigns, being a Cloud-based media we have a wide range of campaigns which run, ranging from Daily/ Hourly campaigns to 2 day special campaigns or monthly to quarterly campaigns. We have options to mix the campaign with an engagement activity in the societies, etc. So there is a lot brands can do uniquely to connect with their consumers through our media.

Talking about the Media Ban in Hyderabad lately, did it affect your media in any way- locally/legally?

The ban is not applicable to us; it doesn't affect us at all, neither locally or legally.

What is your take on the Ban?

It is really saddening for such bans to happen as it affects not one but every single one in the advertising eco-system. Due to a few weak structures all the healthy media has to take a hit. Once regulated and if regular checks are done, it should prevent any further issues.

Do you think Digital Out of home is much more influential compared to Traditional OOH in the present age?

Everything is now Digital and every one of us is very much used to technology in our daily life and prefer it too, in fact we can't function without it any more. Technology has evolved and has created many opportunities for us to engage with the consumer. We advertisers should embrace this new Technological Era and move ahead creating new solutions to cater to our modern tech-savvy consumers. DOOH gets with it this acceptance of everything Digital. So yes, I do think that in the present age DOOH is much more influential compared to traditional media.

What according to you is one rationale for anybody to opt for residential screens for digital signage rather than commercial screens?

ROI, the most important word for any advertiser comes in different forms - brand recall, walk-ins, purchases, etc. And to achieve the best ROI every advertiser wants to make sure that his brand is the 1st thing to occur in their consumer's mind. That is exactly what we give. We target the consumers directly at their houses when they are relaxed and 100% of their concentration is on us. Also, DOOH gives us an immediate deployment possibility, in just a matter of few minutes as it is cloud based. More than one art work can be showcased and can change the art works on a daily basis. You can also choose to work at whatever budget you want, you can advertise even at 2000 Rupees. We stay unaffected by storms, curfews, local bans and even power cuts. The medium is also eco-friendly as we do not have to print on large formats of plastic substrates which have profound negative impact on the environment and society's health.

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