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Zee Cinema puts Mumbai & Delhi traffic to halt with Kala Chasma Song

02, February, 2017

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

"Breaking all the barriers of Ambient Advertising, Active Media Innovations executed a bride & groom rally to promote the TV premier of Baar Baar Dekho movie."

Before hitting the big screens or small screens, majorly all movies go through the OOH challenge as it is one of the best suited medium to target the masses. Well, these days the medium is getting bombarded before any release or TV premier, it becomes utmost necessary for the promoters to stand out of the clutter and actually develop a strong recall value for the broadcast date. Zee Cinema, a leading Hindi movie channel takes an innovative style to utilise the ambient advertising to promote the year 2017 1st  blockbuster TV premier - Baar Baar Dekho.

Ideated and executed by Active Media Innovations, the channel organised a rally with a bunch of brides and grooms by taking a que from the movie theme. Further explained the idea, Emraan Kureshi, Founder, Active Media Innovations said, "The idea was to create an EPIC , EYE stopper innovation on the theme of KALA CHASMA. Like the song showed actors dressed as brides and grooms in the song, we came up with the idea to create world's biggest wedding rally of bride and grooms dressed on bikes with a huge truck wearing Kala Chasma".

The campaign was planned in two metro cities Mumbai & Delhi with 100 couples dressed up in the song avatar. In Mumbai, all the major hotspots targeting youths were covered such as National college, Mithibai college, Wellingkars, Ruia ,Rizwi college then followed the Kala Chasma parade at Linking road and Carter Road. And in Delhi, major hotspots like MET University, Atta Market, DLF Mall, Wave Mall, Delhi Institute, Great India Palace, GIP Mall, Worlds of wonder and Wave City Centre were covered.

To take the idea to the next level, the agency also roped in the recently wed TV Celebrity couple - Keshwar Merchant and Suyyash Rai to flag off the rally also to participate with on the roadshow.

Executing the mass rally wasn't a piece of cake as it involved authority permissions and coordination. However, the agency very well managed by arranging the same costume for the models, agreement by municipal and smooth execution.

Indeed, the response was not only show-stopper, but also traffic stopper. Along with on-road engagement, the activity well received the social media response by achieving hits and shares.

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