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Eye-Popping, 750 Sq. Ft Digital Story-Wall Astonishes Moviegoers at US's ON Liveboards

29, September, 2016

Bureau, New Delhi

"Cinema Scene Marketing Uses ON Smart Media Technology Platform to Power the Largest Digital Lobby Display in U.S. Theatres."

With several hundred digital signage software solutions to choose from it's interesting that Cinema Scene Marketing, a provider of in-theatre digital signage solutions recently announced its 'Story-Wall' installation - measuring some 750 square feet in the lobby of arclight Cinemas Sherman Oaks 16 in Los Angeles, using Outfront Media's ON Smart Media platform with their own Cinema Scene Marketing signage solution.

Andy Sriubas, Outfront Media's Executive Vice President, Strategic Planning & Development said, "It has been exciting to see how our technology can help Cinema Scene Marketing build the first Story-Wall. We are proud that some of the most discerning video exhibitors in the world have chosen to use our dynamic technology to showcase their work."

The Story-Wall is aimed at enhancing the movie-goer experience and is a prime example of the way theatres are modernizing and digitizing all customer areas within their venues. However it does not seem to be touchscreen or 'experiential' in anyway such as the Arsenal Media, an all-in-one multimedia interactive application created by Arsenal Integrated.

Outfront Media worked with Cinema Scene Marketing to install the Story-Wall. At nearly 50-feet wide and approximately 15-feet tall, the arclight Story-Wall is the largest digital lobby installation in the domestic cinema industry. It is comprised of 96 individual ON liveboards, which are synchronized to create large-scale digital still and motion images. Each liveboard in the Story-Wall boasts a 188 mega-pixel resolution at a pixel pitch of .55mm and operates on 384 ARM CPU cores and 288 impendent integrated graphics processing units. The ON Liveboards feature wireless connectivity to cloud services that allow for content management and synchronization across displays, all in an ultra-slim enclosure that is only 12.7 mm thick.

Launched last year, and based on technology from Videri, Outfront Media's ON Smart Media platform is described as a cloud-based, app-driven ecosystem that integrates hardware, software, and content to deliver relevant and engaging messages at a scale never before seen in out-of-home advertising.

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