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Times of India rolls out 'The Times of a Better India' DOOH campaign

15, September, 2022

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

TOI's new DOOH campaign "The Times of a Better India" celebrates India's progress through every decade and the opportunities it created for citizens to leverage.


Ever since the country traversed the path of independence and grappled with unforeseen realities, it has moved persistently on the course of progress and development. The country has broken barriers and has achieved numerous feats, from becoming the third-largest start-up ecosystem in the world to scripting history at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo with the highest medal tally ever. Even during devastating times, like the pandemic, we saw the power of humanity come alive. People and organisations stepped forward to aid the ones in need and, through tireless actions and unrelenting efforts, helped the country move towards a brighter future.

To celebrate the nation's sung and unsung success stories, The Times of India (TOI) has launched The Times of A Better India campaign. The initiative is turning the spotlight on individuals and institutions from across the country whose dreams have come alive with the support of the greater ecosystem. Encompassing all sectors and vocations while touching Indians of all ages and genders who rode the wave and dove deep to achieve the greatness that drives our nation forward, TOI hopes to increase the reach of the supporting ecosystem the country has built.

Campaign Details

The campaign has been exclusively launched on Digital OOH in partnership with Times OOH where 981 digital media units were taken across 6 cities such as Mumbai, Delhi & NCR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore for the duration of 15 days. While the campaign was also launched on print and online medium, the objective of the DOOH campaign for "The Times of a Better India" was to not just make people aware but, more importantly, to make people appreciate the beauty of through large, beautiful images.

Since the brand wanted to narrate multiple stories of India beautifully therefore DOOH medium was preferred as it supports storytelling through multiple high resolution images and brings out the beauty of the India.

The campaign was launched on a bouquet of media formats including Departure & Arrival at Airports, Malls, Metro and Corporate complexes. The locations were selected to target the captive audience so that they should have some time to comprehend the message and read more about the story if required.

Times OOH executed the campaign by choosing the right combination of outdoor locations coupled with the right timing of execution and creatives that would intrigue the audience. The outdoor sites chosen were specifically digital in nature to ensure the flexibility of sharing multiple stories throughout the campaign. The campaign was launched closer to Independence Day when the patriotic feeling is at its peak.

For the Creative strategy, eight static creatives were collated highlighting a Big Picture of an Indian success story and sharing a short description to invoke readers to know more. The various assets highlighted several unique things about India from Ice Café in Ladakh to a bird in Nagaland which led to the creation of Green village and a sustainably designed school in the Jaisalmer desert that can run without the need of an AC.

Key Quotes

"The "The Times of a Better India" is exploring the continuum of change and positive development that India has witnessed since Independence, where every decade has built upon the progress of its preceding one. It is delving into the change drivers of the past, their impact on the present and a status-check of what the future may hold. Critically, the campaign is also asking questions about whether the success of certain sectors is indeed taking the country forward and what more could be done", shares The Times of India Spokesperson.

"The Times of a Better India is a progressive campaign in several ways. The campaign sheds light on positive events & happenings in India and put the right set of questions in front of the audience to persuade them to think about the progress of the country. Secondly, it is one of those path-breaking campaigns that has been solely conducted on the Digital OOH medium which is still rare in the Indian OOH industry. It is high time that brands should understand the power of digital displays and the value added by DOOH in the campaign in terms of playing multiple creative, enhancing the effectiveness of the communication, and engaging the audience with a better storytelling possibility. We think that it is commendable of The Times of India team to realise the power of DOOH and employ it", Anchal Dhawan, Business Head, Times OOH.

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