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Airport DOOH Space Heats Up as Times OOH unveils its digital network at Mumbai International Airport

30, August, 2022

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Considering the booming demand for airport advertising from advertisers across categories, the company has upgraded its media offerings at various crucial and strategic locations of T2, Mumbai Airport.


A lot has changed in the advertising world, particularly for those companies looking to capture the business traveller. While static, non-moving images still have their place, the explosive growth of digital and integration of interactive ads that enhance passenger experience has pushed airport advertiser to the forefront. Times OOH, a leading Outdoor Advertising agency, has launched a new iconic and premium set of media sites at Mumbai International Airport Terminal T2, enhancing its media offerings to amplify traveller experience and brand exposure.

The ultra-high definition and new age technology-led Digital Display sites named 'Digital Alley' and 'Digital Squares' have been installed at two high impact zones 1) the Arrival Exit Gates and 2) after the security check while heading towards the Security holding area, respectively. Digital Alley and Digital Squares packages include 2 sites impactful assets each, ensuring 100% reach. Both locations have been strategically identified based on passenger movement flow and dwell timings to provide the best exposure to advertisers within the airport.

Times OOH has also introduced four LED lit lightboxes at eye-level in the integrated Departure's Security Check Level 4. The new impactful sites are part of the 'Discover' package.

Furthermore, a new set of media is placed at the Meeters & Greeters area at T2 Arrival; here four large format LED lit lightboxes dropdowns and wall mounted sites offer advertisers larger than life opportunity to reach 100% of arriving passengers and also target the meeters and greeters. According to research the meters and greeters spend close to 30 minutes waiting in this area.

Meta, Intel, and Vivo have made the 1st mover advantage and have become the 1st brands to advertise on these new spectacular sites.

Key Quote

"We are happy to announce the launch of a new set of media at Terminal 2, Mumbai Airport. The new installations have been undertaken considering the increasing demand for airport advertising. Mumbai Airport is notably one of the world's busiest airports it caters to the most desirable target audience for all premium brand categories along with high dwell time to interact and engage with TG through high-quality new age formats", articulates Sumit Chadha, Airport Sales Head, Times OOH.

"The recent new media installations are done scientifically understanding the passenger movement and areas where they tend to spend maximum time for various reasons. We ensure that each advertiser that comes on board gets maximum value for the money. We are already receiving a great response from the advertisers as some most reputed brands have already made them a part of their marketing initiatives. We welcome more such brands to come and experience the power of outdoor advertising", adds Sumit.

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