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Byju’s dominates the Ludhiana OOH market

26, August, 2022

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Planned & executed by Kinetic India and deployed on Leafberry media, Byju’s approached & engaged with its audience for its new tution centres in Ludhiana.


Byju's is not just relying on offline centres to build trust and connect with target group. No, India's most valued start-up now wants to launch full-fledged tuition centres. Byju's has realised that now that Covid lockdowns are over, they need to work harder to acquire and retain customers. With schools and tuition centres shut down, students had rushed to these online classes during Covid. But now that the scare is over, these companies could lose out all steam.

So, Byju's recently opened its first-ever tution centre in Ludhiana. The brand has put special efforts in order to promote its new tution centre, therefore, Ludhiana Streets were lit up with Byju's messages. The campaign has been planned and executed by Kinetic India wherein deployed on Leafberry Media.

Campaign Details

The brand came in Ludhiana to promote their brand exclusively on Leafberry Media and have strategically selected various Leafberry Networks like - Booster, Shopaholic & Zonal targeting the students. The brand wanted to create an unprecedented impact and recall of their new centre amongst their TG which consists of students across Ludhiana. The objective of the campaign has been duly fulfilled and has brought in a clear targeting of brand communication to consumers in the areas of their presence and shown excellent existence across Ludhiana.

The brand has optimised the opportunity to engage with this core TG by pin pointing the locations where this audience travels most, i.e., airport access road, Jamalpur Market, Vardhman Chowk, Samrala Chowk etc.

Key Quote

Shavinder Sandhu, Director, Leafberry, said, ""It is exciting that a brand like Byju's and Kinetic have trusted and invested in our OOH solution to deliver their message. Outdoor reaches out to the consumers during their entire journey in the city. Byju's high octane campaign on our strategically positioned media throughout the city is definitely one successful story."

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