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Melting Pot goes big on OOH to promote Inchi

17, August, 2022

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

To draw interest of the larger audience, the massive OOH campaign was rolled out across Mumbai and Pune.


If you thought fusion food was not for you, you have probably not tried Inchi. Inchi brings to you "Indianised Chinese cuisine" through a wide variety of products like hakka noodles, Chinese chutney and sauces, instant cup-soups, cook soups and cooking masalas. To create awareness for the brand and boost sales Melting Pot Food Products came out with an OOH campaign.

Campaign Details

To execute this high-impactful campaign, the brand has partnered with Bharat Media Group to bring this campaign to light. Building on the brief, Bharat Media Group crafted a campaign that resulted in a media mix delivering both impact and reach. Locations covered in the cities were comprised of best catchments considering Major Key arterial routes, Key junctions, high traffic zones, Youth touchpoints of the city to build the necessary impact, ensure high visibility and presence. To make it catchy and easy to remember, a semblance was drawn to the common phrases used (in the target markets) for tea and snacks, e.g., Challo Ek Chai Ho Jaye! or Challo Ek drink ho Jaye! The campaign has been implemented across Mumbai and Pune.

The entire campaign was created in Hinglish to have a local connection and widen its customer base. The media deployments were done in a way as to cover the most important touchpoints that were imperative as per the TG.

Key Quotes

Commenting on the campaign, Nikhil Bharati, Director, Melting Pot Foods Pvt Ltd, said, "Inchi products symbolise Indian Chinese flavours to serve the growing millennial population. A blend of food that originates from gastronomy practices from across the globe and keeping in mind the Indian taste preferences. We were looking for an OOH partner who could innovatively translate the brand's message to reach our TG.  The team at BMeG was quite apt in decoding the message into the creatives and with a strong local connection in our desired markets. We are pretty happy with the response received from the campaign."

Speaking on the campaign Shailesh Loni, National Head, OOH Business, Bharat Media Group, said, "We would like to thank brand Inchi for giving us the creative freedom and believing in our idea of creating an impactful campaign through simple, innovative communication. At Bharat Media Group, we believe that 80% of the solution lies in understanding the brief and writing an engaging copy for the same. Once this is done, the rest is strategy deployment and simple execution, followed by a data-backed post-activity review. The same strategy was adopted for this campaign, and the results are pretty encouraging." 

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