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Orange Health promotes its #Labtestathomein60minutes in new OOH campaign

12, August, 2022

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

The OOH campaign executed by The Media Ant has been rolled out across Delhi and Bengaluru.


If I had to name which futuristic healthcare innovations are the easiest to put into practice now that can really make a difference in people's lives today, I'd say one of those is definitely at-home testing. Having access to a wide range of analyses determining our lab markers and blood results without the wait at the doctor's, at the lab, and without even meeting anyone... Sounds great. Not to mention that it's already in the existing testing kits. We just need to use all these in a more systematic way. Although there was a lot of professional criticism towards taking tests at home, with the pandemic all that has changed. The pandemic led to a situation where it suddenly became advantageous to do certain lab tests at home to avoid exposure to the infection. Marking a significant development in healthcare category, Orange Health a leading health-tech start-up has launched its marketing campaign - Lab test at home in 60 minutes- across Delhi and Bengaluru.

Campaign Details

Running across 360-degree advertising channels, the communication strategy has also been taken to the OOH medium with an aim to further enhance the brand positioning and support the mainline media through outdoor displays. The OOH campaign #Labtestathomein60minutes is running across Delhi and Bengaluru. With this campaign, company intends to reach out to public at large and communicate its vision to make diagnostics seamless for consumers at their homes. With speed and accuracy of the service as the driving factors, consumers can get tested for a wide range of diagnostic tests, in just 60 minutes from home and get the reports delivered in just 6 hours.

In association with The Media Ant, the brand strategically planned the media deployment for the campaign. High footfall areas as well as locations frequented by the target group were taken up, such as, arterial roads, markets, shopping complexes, and areas around traffic signals and colleges.

The core objective of the campaign is to build awareness. OOH medium is an ideal avenue for the brand to effectively get maximum relevant consumer eyeballs for a product category that has traditionally low consumer involvement.

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