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Crystal Diamonds turns to innovative OOH to promote its Groundnut oil

14, April, 2021

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

A Popular Oil Manufacturer makes an innovative move in reaching out to potential in their new campaign executed by Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings Pvt Ltd.


Crystal Diamonds, a popular oil manufacturer has launched a highly visible OOH media campaign for its groundnut oil in Coimbatore. The mandate for the campaign has been awarded to Skyrams Outdoor Advertisings Pvt Ltd.

Campaign Details

The core campaign objective is to build brand awareness for Crystal Diamonds oil. OOH medium is the best suited avenue for the brand to effectively get maximum relevant consumer eyeballs for a product category that has traditionally low consumer involvement.

A set of innovations emphasising on product-pack has been a redefining approach and fresh for this product category. Larger than life product packs placed on Digital Screens, Bus Shelters and Pole Kiosks is a first of its kind. With carefully analysed media plan, every media unit is contributing to the overall impact of the campaign and making the brand the most visible on outdoors.

Key Quote

"We only thought of a simple campaign but the approach which Skyrams suggested seemed like an idea that will get us noticed and they came up with that BIG BOTTLE idea. Skyrams knew the tricks of the trade and effortlessly executed this campaign." Mohamed Ismail, Managing Director of Crystal Diamond said.

He also added, "We are happy that we are getting the moving crowd to notice our campaign."

Past Experience of Skyrams Outdoor Advertising

Skyrams Outdoor Advertising has also worked for the below mentioned clients in the past.

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