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Advertise on LED screens on Bottle-crushing units at AnandVihar, Chandigarh, Secundrabad, Bengaluru, Pune Railway stations

11, March, 2021

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

These units exemplify the opportunity for combining social entrepreneurship with OOH advertising.

Noida based Out-of-home advertising agency, Global Advertising has launched a new media solution for AnandVihar, Chandigarh, Secundrabad, Bengaluru, Pune Railway stations. The 4 years of tender allotted by IRSDC, will have LED screens P3 of around 40 x 40 in size on Bottle-crushing units at various Platforms of 5 Railway Stations across India.  As per the tender mandate, the company will install, maintain and handle the selling part of the media.

Successfully established in traditional format, the company is making its venture into Digital OOH and working hard towards making it one of the best properties available. Commenting on it, Lalit Gupta, Founder, Global Advertising, shared, "With railway stations across nation got a face lift in last decade it has become more ideal for brands to present their, the infrastructure today is more soothing to eyes and it gels with the media offering the client is looking for."

He further added, "We believe in providing unmatched value to advertisers. The Anand Vihar, Chandigarh, Secundrabad, Bengaluru, Pune railway stations have a footfall of 1.5 to 2.5 lakh passengers daily. With this medium, we can provide real value add to brands. The design and location of these screens ensures that the complete station audience is exposed to the brand campaign." 


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