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Siddhi hates Shiva, a mnemonic that left the nation intrigued

26, February, 2021

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

COLORS’ creatively executed its marketing strategy to introduce viewers to the lead protagonists of its new fiction show, Bawara Dil.


COLORS recently launched Bawara Dil, a hateful love story of two individuals with strikingly personalities. Siddhi (played by Kinjal Dhamecha) and Shiva (played by Aditya Redij) are like fire and ice, fate binds them in a holy matrimony, but they vow to destroy each other's life. This hateful chemistry caught everyone's attention, when strategically around Valentine's Day, the channel with the show's campaign painted the town with Siddhi hates Shiva mnemonic. Taking the OOH engagement, a notch higher, COLORS successfully built immense curiosity amongst the viewers by putting up billboards and posters stating - Siddhi hates Shiva. Soon it became the biggest conversation driver as people began to speculate who Siddhi and Shiva were and why do they hate each other. The massive OOH campaign flagged-off on 8th February and immediately became viral on social media with a reach of 2.8 million and about 1.9 million interactions.

The visual mnemonic 'Siddhi Hates Shiva' was plastered across key Hindi-speaking markets including Mumbai, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The mnemonics, besides being displayed on billboards were splashed on cabs, city bus back and side panels, pillars, digital screens, utilities, traffic islands and even police booths. Radio channels were also roped in to create intrigue amongst the listeners about Siddhi and Shiva. RJ's, who saw these signs, initiated conversations around the characters and spoke about them on their shows. Soon, the campaign was picked by online platforms like Twitter and was heavily backed by influencer outreach leading to conversations and trends around the subject. The same was picked by local news channels as well as online media.

As a follow-up to the campaign and to further boost the messaging, an intensive 10-day multi-media reveal campaign consisted of promotions through TV, Print, OOH, Radio, and Digital. With this effort, the viewers finally got a chance to get up close to Siddhi and Shiva and take notice of the concept of the show across key markets. This was followed up with a 8-day intensive TV campaign with more than 6000+ spots on network and non-network channels. With this, the initial intrigue that was created with the 'Siddhi hates Shiva' mnemonic finally transitioned, and viewers got a chance to see the main leads and also understand the concept of the show.

Key Quote

Talking about the campaign, Sapangeet Rajwant, Head - Marketing and Digital- Hindi Mass Entertainment, Viacom18 said, "At COLORS, we have always focused on creating an unforgettable experience for our viewers across platforms. With Bawara Dil campaign, the objective was to stir curiosity amongst the viewers about Shiva and Siddhi and their hateful chemistry. We achieved that by plastering mnemonics across India, without any branding and with a simple message. With Valentine's Day coinciding with the campaign, the curiosity piqued and the same reflected on social media conversations. We are delighted to have received such a response and to be able to introduce the show and create awareness around the characters in such an unconventional manner."

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