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CashUrDrive helps Storia Foods build a connect with target audience

21, January, 2021

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Storia Foods has taken 'cabvertising' to a new level of late by using the platform not just for product promotion but for sampling and sales as well.

Imagine taking a ride in a radio cab and, and using your travel time to try out a new product, say, a pack of Storia turmeric Milk products. Well, it would have been a farfetched concept few years back; today, thanks to CashUrDrive, it isn't. The advertising agency partnered with Storia Foods for sampling activity providing perfect milk products experience to potential travellers.

Storia foods have introduced their new range of turmeric-based milk products. The concept is that let the brand get the first-hand experience to interact with the customers and take the media benefits with CASHurDRIVE. The idea behind the campaign was to upsurge the product exposure & develop a sense of self-assurance with the consumption. The purpose was to get the products in the hands of as many consumers as possible to frame product connectivity.

Key Quote

Raghu Khanna, Director, CashUrDrive, said, "Due to the pandemic, people are concerned about their safety and using personal Cabs instead of public transports to avoid close contact with others. Also, the product i.e. Storia turmeric milk can act as a great immunity booster. Hence, the timing and selection of media seems perfect to reach out to the desired customers."

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