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Nihar Naturals’ innovative campaign for safe Durga Pujo

06, November, 2020

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Nihar Naturals’ partners with MOMS for its #ThirdEye campaign to enable a safer pandal experience during Pujo.


Eve teasing is something that women live with day in and day out. It’s now time to take action and put a stop to these inhuman acts. During festive times, people try to take advantage of the crowd and misbehave. This year, Nihar Naturals in association with MOMS took every step to ensure safe Durga Pujo in Kolkata by installing LED screens along with cameras at three pandals. Three key pujo pandals in South Kolkata, namely, Badamtala Ashar Sangha/27 Pally, Deshapriya Park and Ekdalia Evergreen/Singhi Park were selected for the #ThirdEye campaign based on the pandal popularity and footfall.

In these three pandals, LED screens along with cameras were disguised as Maa Durga’s #ThirdEye. Additionally, cameras with placards were placed at congregation points inside pandals to capture crowd movement and to watch over pandal hoppers. The feed from these cameras was displayed on the LED screens, which in turn were monitored by the pandal security to keep women devotees safe from eve-teasers. Along with the camera installation, branding of OOH gate, tunnels, temporary banners, and big facades was also included as part of the Nihar Naturals’ campaign to make people aware of Durga Maa’s #ThirdEye. The high traffic main arterial route at the periphery of these pandals as well as adjacent pandals in South Kolkata was covered by temporary banners and pole kiosks. Area dominance was the strategy used at the Gariahat Crossing to Rashbehari Crossing area to ensure campaign visibility amongst the devotees. 20 back to back pole kiosks were deployed to create corridor branding for the campaign. Through these cameras, Maa Durga’s #ThirdEye watched over the crowded pandals and adjoining streets, enabling women to freely and confidently partake in the festivities, this Pujo.

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Commenting on this, Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions, said, “With the recent crimes against women that have shaken the country. We as a society must take a stand against it. Durga Pujo, which signifies the strength of our women, is the perfect fit for showcasing that no one gets away with immoral and indecent behavior against women. This thought combined with technological integration has bought out the message in a very compelling way along with being in-sync with the spirit of the Durga Pujo festival.”

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