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Mayo Clinic commemorated the #1 hospital in USA with an Imparting OOH Campaign

23, December, 2019

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Mayo Clinic, in association with Ecosys OOH kick started an awareness drive in India through visibility at the Mumbai International Airport (T2).
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Every year, more than 1 million patients from 140 countries visit Mayo Clinic. Ranked the number one hospital in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, the renowned hospital and research centre exists to solve the world's most challenging medical problems, one patient at a time.  As the global expert in solving rare and complex disease, Mayo Clinic has a long history of excellence in healthcare and medical innovation. This rich legacy has long been supported by Mayo Clinic's focus on innovation, research, and cutting-edge science. Owing to the same, Mayo zeroed upon the power of OOH to spread the message of reshaping health of the communities both locally and globally. The objective of the campaign was to position Mayo clinic as a preferred destination for patients seeking healthcare abroad. The message reiterated that Mayo Clinic is the #1 hospital in USA.

Campaign Details

The location of the campaign was T2, Mumbai Airport. The execution strategy adopted by the brand and the agency was to ensure that the entire universe of passengers travelling gets covered.

Getting the desired impact for a campaign that seeks to educate and build awareness means selecting media that will be visible and legible both. The larger than life impact would only be achieved when all of the above were orchestrated to create the look of a grand initiative. Hence the large format sites at the terminal were selected. 56 screens at the conveyor belts (common for international and domestic passengers) were also taken up for more brand visibility and awareness. Since the average waiting time at the baggage belts is generally 15 - 20 minutes, the media guaranteed more brand visibility over a period of time.

Introduction to Ecosys OOH's Media Planning Tool

The agency used its state of the planning tool #Systemapit to identify the strategic locations in the airport where in the consumers are in receptive modal situations with a high dwell time, therefore the media were strategically placed at the International passage - the first visual media communication after arrivals. This screens were used as a frequency builder for the message.

Past Experience of Ecosys OOH

Ecosys OOH has also executed campaigns for the below mentioned clients in the past:

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