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IKEA measures DOOH effectiveness with Russ Outdoor

02, December, 2019

Bureau, New Delhi

Russ Outdoor and IKEA have partnered to measure the role of digital out of home advertising had in driving customers to IKEA stores.

One great challenge with digital-out-of-home or any other form of advertising is how one can measure the true effectiveness of the campaign. How can you accurately measure ROI or ROO? Many companies are attempting to answer this question with intelligent advertising campaigns, such as Russian DOOH company Russ Outdoor and furniture retailer IKEA.

The two companies recently partnered to launch a pilot project to analyze just how many customers are impacted by DOOH and if customers who saw the ads actually stepped into an IKEA location.

Russ Outdoor's billboards in Russia feature Wi-Fi sensors and photo-capture systems to capture anonymous data on who actually saw the advertising. IKEA also has an indoor analytics system, and the two companies compared their two data sets to determine how many visitors saw the DOOH advertising.

"Analysis showed that conversion during store visits increased by 28%," a YouTube video from Russ Outdoor stated. "At the same time, IKEA's outdoor advertising budget amounted to 30% of the total advertising budget of the company."

The furniture retailer also saw particularly good results among viewers who had never entered an IKEA before.

"IKEA saw up to 124% more new customers among those who had been exposed to digital out-of-home," the video stated. "Visitation of returning customers was up to 161% higher, compared to those who missed the ads. In terms of the effectiveness of invested funds, outdoor advertising has shown excellent results."

This isn't the first time Russ Outdoor has delivered innovative DOOH campaigns. It recently partnered with vehicle manufacturer Infiniti to deliver a dynamic DOOH campaign, which would deliver different content based on a driver's car brand or how often they saw the advertisement.

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