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It`s Time for Bigger, Better, Bolder OOH

26, November, 2019

Vineet Sharma, New Delhi

Guest Column: Vineet Sharma, Assistant Vice President, Brandscope writes about how 2020 will be the game changer for the OOH industry

For a few years now, we have witnessed digital advertising dominating a brands marketing plan. However, after partnering with a plethora of brands this year I could say that OOH has been at par with other advertising mediums while building a marketing a plan. The credit for this shift does not only go to the clients evolving outlook but also to the technology enhancement that is helping brands achieve their campaign objectives successfully. Additionally, the onset of artificial intelligence is a boon to the outdoor business.

With the government's thrust on infrastructure development, attentive audiences and the rise in the time being spent outside the house, data driven OOH will be an inevitable medium for brands. While OOH can be delivered by any media owning firm, an impactful outcome can only be offered by a professional agency with the ability to communicate to the right audience at the right time within the right budget.

Today ad block and fraud free advertising is the need of the hour. Fortunately, OOH is immune to both. I believe OOH has the power to uplift the infrastructure of a city, while brands are looking for a suitable opportunity that offer accountability and visibility to deliver the campaign investment objectives.

Having said this, it is essential for media providers and aggregators to be ahead of the curve and embrace innovation especially in times when interactive mediums have reached very high levels of penetration. Media buying too has changed completely in present times. Buying teams need to apply design thinking to receive maximum market coverage for the brand at the right cost. Also infusing fair price practices to boost more transparency in this medium.

Players like us have taken the lead to reverse the overall sentiment of the advertiser and pull back their attention to one of the oldest and most evolving media. By bringing in automation to the entire OOH buying and planning cycle, we have ensured accountability.

With regards to DOOH, we are excited to take the plunge into this new phase. The dynamism of the medium will help us explore and conquer unchartered territories to bring in real time contextual messaging, driven by hyperlocal relevancy and interactivity. DOOH will drive revenue growth for the businesses as more advertisers will fit into premium sites, increasing revenue each screen generates. Estimates suggest that the DOOH share of OOH business will climb to 25-30% by 2021 from a global perspective.

With the incubation of modern-day advancements such as programmatic buying and blockchain technology, the way we plan and transact for media buying is changing. The entire media buying ecosystem will get further evolved to drive accurate business relevancies and deliverables.

In conclusion, 2020 will be the game changer for the OOH industry because of the advanced technologies, unique innovations and soaring efforts collectively.

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