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Kimirica’s retail pop-up at Indore airport turns passengers into customers

15, November, 2019

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

This one-of-a kind Kiosk, offers a personalized assistance by Kimirica team to help you try out the products, feel the luxury and explore the brand at your own pace and time. The setup was facilitated by Times OOH.

To boost brand awareness, provide consumers with an experience and become part of their travel journey. With 88 percent of air travelers spending 30 plus minutes walking the concourse, this is an opportune time for brands to connect with an on-site campaign.

It's exactly what Kimirica Hunter, a luxury hotel toiletries manufacturer which has a wide range of hospitality clients around the globe did when they teamed up with Times OOH to execute specially crafted experiential program. All unique in its own way, the promotions offered travellers a one-on-one, hands-on experience from Personal care products, gifting options and lifestyle amenity items available under one roof. With a humongous annual footfall of 30 lakh global travellers at Indore Airport, Kimirica Experience Centre will offer a unique on-the-go hassle-free travel shopping experience. The company offers a unique facility wherein the travellers can shop the products and get it shipped where they want without carrying any extra baggage during the journey.

Kimi Jain, Kimirica Hunter, said, "When we launched retail, we wanted the customers to get a first-hand experience with our products and the brands we were offering. And, being a manufacturing unit in Indore we wanted to venture out our first Kimirica experience centre at the Indore airport itself. While planning a retail store and discussing the same with the Times OOH group, we decided to engage our customers in an interactive experience to tell them our story. It is one of a kind kiosk which was designed in-house by our talented designers, keeping to give out the best customer experience in mind. We choose the colour and the material which were soothing to the eyes. We wanted to showcase our brands in a manner so that the consumer interaction is easy and positive. We wanted them to feel our passion for every brand we created."

She further added, "The customers can immerse themselves in the products they like at their own pace and time. So, that's how the experience centre started. It took us around 4 months to design and finally launch ourselves. It is one of a kind kiosk at the Indore Airport and we plan to open more in the coming future. This would have not been possible without the support we received from the Airport Authority and Times group."

Airport retail is now a tried and tested strategy. Pop-ups are a great way to generate revenue and raise brand awareness through ideal positioning, which has consistently allowed brands to access a plethora of eager and diverse shoppers.

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