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Infinity Advertising brings Maha OOH Opportunity this Maha Kumbh

08, February, 2019

Aarti Pahwa, New Delhi

Various advertising opportunities such as Light Poles, Watch Towers, Fire Towers and Public Accomodation are designed by the agency to cover 900 acres of Mela area.
  • Signages | Traditional Media #Khumbh Mela , Allahabad
    Media Price: INR 1,30,000 PM
    Contact Person: Gulshan Adlakha | Infinity Advertising Services Pvt Ltd.
    Contact Details: 9810688237 | gulshan.adlakha@infinityadvt.
  • Pole Kiosks | Traditional Media #Khumbh Mela , Allahabad
    Media Price: INR 9,500 PM
    Contact Person: Gulshan Adlakha | Infinity Advertising Services Pvt Ltd.
    Contact Details: 9810688237 | gulshan.adlakha@infinityadvt.

Maha Kumbh, often touted as the largest religious gathering in the world, can be viewed as a power display of various 'akharas', an organisation of the different sects of 'sadhus' or Hindu ascetics. Kumbh Mela is the biggest Hindu pilgrimage fairs held in India every 12 years. Millions of people visit these month-long events in large groups. Kumbh Melas are also known for the most innovative marketing campaigns being run by the best brands in India.

Advertising in Kumbh Mela is a golden opportunity for brands to reach out to the masses. Keeping this in mind, Infinity Advertising, a leading rural marketing agency has installed 8000 Light Poles, 100 Watch Towers, Media Towers and Fire Towers and 90 Public Accommodations in the Mela Ground. This advertising bid is in sync with Infinity Advertising's growth strategy, exploring key cities, tapping the unexplored, high potential markets.

Commenting on the development, Ajay Adlakha, MD, Infinity Advertising Services said, " Kumbh Mela is the largest congregation from all walks of life across the country and abroad. It is the best and the fastest medium for a brand to find connect with millions of its TG at one shot. We are very excited and proud to be part of Kumbh Mela Prayagraj once again. Pilgrim conveniences and facilitates remains a top priority for Mela authority, keeping this in mind we have forged strategic alliances with the Kumbh administration by winning the tender for the installation of Advertising Infrastructure and Management of Advertising Rights. We have a twin goal of assisting administration and simultaneously create smart visibility, marketing and engagement opportunities for brands across the length and breadth of the Mela."

Marketers across sectors are heavily banking on the Mela. Perhaps the biggest advantage of being present in a Kumbh Mela is that the target consumer group is available en masse and virtually captive (trapped inside the festive arena). Consumer interaction with the brand in this place is then measured in hours, rather than minutes exponentially increasing the chances of conversion, since even the usually-value-conscious Indian becomes an unapologetic shopaholic during festivals,” added Adlakha.

Infinity Advertising in association with brands has arranged facilities for the devotees that enable brand penetration and recall. Fabric care brand Fena has installed innovative branding with cut-outs of fresh T-shirts on light poles with the popular brand tagline: ‘Fena Hi Lena’.

For the record, Infinity Advertising Services has been associated with previous held Kumbh Melas over past two decades. They have partnered and executed brands likes of Coke, JCB, Nissan, Toyota, Airtel etc.

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