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Bangalore billboards go blank

03, May, 2018

Bureau, New Delhi

Along with the government posters, even the hoardings of the private firms have been taken away in the crackdown.

A massive drive is being carried out by the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahnagara Palike (BBMP) in the city on the tawdry displays.

"We removed 50,000 flexes, cut-outs and hoardings in a day. As per the Election Commission direction, only advertisement hoardings with valid permissions were allowed, a BBMP official said, on condition of anonymity.

The official said the Palike has not renewed permits for hoardings since 2016, which makes all the hoardings illegal in the eyes of the body. However, owners of 70 hoardings brought a stay, he said.
All political parties have written to the EC seeking permissions for advertisements on hoardings. The BBMP refused permission, stating that it cannot allow posters and banners in the ansence of directives.

"The EC and the BBMP officials had the meeting to retain the 70 hoardings whose removal was stayed by the court and the 180 government hoardings", the official explained.

"Permissions have been granted to display advertisemtnts on buses, Namma road pillars, skywalks, flyovers and public toilets, while at the same time illegal displays have been removed."

In some places, only the display on the hoardings have been removed since it would take time to dismantle the hoarding structure, the official added.

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