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Ahmedabad gets its very first 'Smart Roads' thanks to DOOH displaying real time traffic data

05, October, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

The Digital Variable Messaging Sign (VMS) boards will display real time-traffic information to the travellers along with outdoor advertising and promotion.

The subject of Traffic Management in major cities of India has been pining for solutions for ages now. And when something like this comes our way, we treat it as nothing less than a blessing, which only leads us to thinking how digitalisation is steadily changing the game of this country's functionality.

Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of Zero Sum Ltd, Japan, has launched its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) solution with an incorporation of Digital OOH advertising on Ashram Road, the business district of Ahmedabad and Riverfront Road, the flagship Riverside road of Ahmedabad. The landmark launch of the ITS solution has deemed both the roads to be the very first 'Smart' Roads of the city. Inaugurated on October 1, the Digital Variable Messaging Sign (VMS) boards of 7x3 meters in size, display the real time-traffic information to the travellers along with outdoor advertising and promotion in the ratio of 50:50.

Implemented for the first time in India, the groundbreaking ITS solution has been launched with the key goal of enabling commuters with real time decision making by providing them with real time traffic information. The solution also provides, as a first in India, 'Recommended' route information which provides traffic information on current route and all alternative routes on the entire stretch of Ashram and West Riverfront Roads, thereby optimising road occupancy and usage by routing traffic to less busier stretches of the road en route. The system uses 18 camera based traffic sensors to gather real-time traffic data, which further process this information in real time over a cloud-based data control centre which analyses the traffic on the roads and creates alternative route recommendations. These are thereafter disseminated to the commuters through seven full colour Digital Variable Messaging Sign (VMS) boards, that are installed 200m before key road junctions across both the major roads.  The solution empowers the commuters with enough time to view and understand the recommended routes and change course accordingly to reach their destination.

Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt Ltd. has been awarded this project under a PPP (Public Private Partnership) basis, with the accountability of implementing the solution on a Build, Maintain, Operate and Transfer basis, with a 30 years directive set for operation and maintenance. During that period, the Japanese subsidiary has been granted the license to display commercial advertisements on 50% screen space on all seven of the digital VMS boards erected on the 'Smart' roads. The revenue acquired through the display of such advertisements will be retained by the company to equalize their investment in this project.

Speaking about the launch of the solution, Chikara Kikuchi, Managing Director of Zero-Sum ITS Solutions India Pvt Ltd, said, "We have received an overwhelming response to the first phase of the project in Ahmedabad. The city and its people are increasingly becoming digitally-savvy. We would like to contribute to building the reputation of Ahmedabad as a truly smart city, by helping its people choose the right roads to commute and use the time thus saved to enhance their productivity and in turn, contribute to the growth of the city. While commuters are central to the ITS solution, we are also trying to better aid the work of the traffic police and help ease traffic congestion. We are excited to see how the second phase of the solution pans out for the city. We are deeply passionate about improving the traffic conditions in India. The VMS information boards displaying traffic information are LED boards of 7/3metres in size, placed strategically before key decision-making points on Ashram and Riverfront Roads. They will display real time alternative route recommendations to the commuter, a feature that is first of its kind in India. This information will help commuters to avoid junctions with heavy traffic jams and take an alternate route".

He further elaborated, "The solution is completely automated, requiring no intervention for the operation of the system either by the civic agency or the traffic police, thereby enabling them to utilise their time better for more crucial activities. The advertisement system that is built into the model offers unique advertising opportunities to companies, government agencies, media agencies and OOH agencies. The LED information boards can be used to display government announcements, CSR messages, and other advertisements, alongside the traffic information display board. The digital OOH advertisements, unlike physical OOH displays, need very less turnaround time and can be made live almost immediately. It even offers advertisers to create OOH campaigns based on time, location, event, scheme or festival. More importantly this display medium can also be used by organizations for promoting and educating road users on road safety through their own CSR programmes."

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