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Nutella's latest DOOH campaign reads shoppers' faces

29, September, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

Nutella's friendship with its consumers gets a boost as its new campaign reads faces of shoppers passing by.

Just when you couldn't expect Nutella to be any more considerate towards your feelings (yes no use in denying that you haven't taken those dollops of that chocolaty happiness like medicine), it comes up with something that now makes for a permanent seal in that special bond: Face reading.

In a move to understand its viewers better, Nutella's latest Outdoor campaign will provide shoppers with adverts customised to their moods, as it monitors the facial expressions of those passing by.

Developed by Ooh Media in partnership with PhD, the campaign uses facial mapping technology that personalises the creative depending on whether the shopper is happy, grumpy or inspired. And even when the shoppers are not directly engaged, the panel will change its content depending on the number of shoppers passing by, with personalised messages such as "Look at this dynamite duo!" While if an individual walks by, it could be: "You look STUNNING. Did someone say selfie?" 

Blair Hamilford, oOh!media's Group Director for retail that the facial mapping software, which does not capture or store personal data, added a new dimension to how Out Of Home advertising could be used to capture the attention of audiences. The facial recognition software allows advertisers to engage with consumers in new ways

"Since its launch over 2 years ago the Excite network has engaged with over half a million people and we continue to find new ways in how to use technology, data and content to drive deeper engagement between brands and audiences," Hamilford said.

"Our creative services team are always looking for ways that we can push the technology packed into our EXCITE panels to create more immersive brand experiences. From that notion, this concept for Nutella was born. Using the Kinect camera that is in all EXCITE panels we were able to not only analyse the facial expression of a person looking at the retail sign, but determine how many users are walking by to serve-up contextually relevant creative. Given the EXCITE panels will display the Nutella campaign exclusively, the creative on screen can change to focus on a single person, or groups of two or three, to catch their attention and encourage them to interact with the ad."

"Another important element of the campaign for us is that it's the first to simultaneously run across EXCITE panels in Australia and New Zealand, allowing Nutella to reach a broad audience across two key markets," he said.

Melissa Haggerty, business director at PHD, added: "Since Nutella is all about mornings we wanted to capture adult shoppers morning moods in a bespoke way that gets them thinking about Nutella. oOh!'s concept that incorporated the Kinect technology allowed for that more tailored approach."

Michelle Hood, ANZ media & communications manager at Ferrero, said the panels were an impactful way to interact with shoppers before they go into the supermarket.

The campaign will run on 25 screens in Australia and 15 screens in New Zealand over two weeks between 20 September and 28 September.

The OOH Industry has been steadily proving its mettle as a social organism, wherein its developing interactive technology has been striking a chord with consumers alike and changing the definition of what advertising traditionally has been representing since time immemorial. The experience of advertising is now engaging, immersive and goes way beyond simply selling the product by making the consumers feel that companies are ready to do full justice to every penny spent on their products.

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