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How badly was the OOH sector hit during the Mumbai rains?

04, September, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

Where does Mumbai's OOH sector stand post the deluge that is being compared to that of the crisis in 2005?

India's financial capital, Mumbai, ground to a halt on Tuesday due to excessive rains. The crisis was being compared to that of the notorious July 26 deluge in 2005. As most organizations crossed swords with nature's wrath, the OOH industry ended up in the eye of the tempest. Fully subject to business stock laid bare to the components, it was vital to pay attention to how Outdoor agencies and media proprietors media proprietors took care of the circumstance.

Historically, the OOH industry observes a drop of 15-20 percent emolument amid the monsoon season in Mumbai because of dread of high precipitation and the related disturbance of administrations and detriment to outdoor inventory.

sSharath Chandra, President at Times OOH, shared that hoardings and flexes did bare some afflictions, however, this did not escalate to structural damage. "Mumbai is perhaps the only city where we see heavy rains for an extended period so we are usually quite prepared for it. In case there is a situation where we cannot do anything, we inform the agencies and clients and they are on the same page," he said. Fortuitously, Times OOH handles advertising both inside and in the contiguous premises of the Mumbai International Airport.

Mandeep Malhotra, Co-founder of The Social StreetMandeep Malhotra, Co-founder of The Social Street, shared that the vinyls used to make creatives were liable to undergo wear and tear due to extreme weather conditions, which was seen on Tuesday too. According to him, better quality material as well as more robust reporting is needed to ensure that brands don't suffer in such situations. Speaking about the damage to their outdoor ads, he said that all the damaged ads had been replaced or repaired by Wednesday.

Atul Shrivastava, CEO at Laqshya MediaAtul Shrivastava, CEO at Laqshya Media said it was business as usual for the agency with no major incidents apart from one hoarding toppling down in the storm.

"This (monsoon) is an occupational hazard for the outdoor sector. We have seen it every year. Despite the heavy rains on Tuesday, there was no major impact on business," stated Rajiv Saxena, MD at Blue Ocean Media.

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