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Pharmeasy With the Help of Times OOH Teaches Mumbai Metro Commuters The Importance of Yoga

07, July, 2017

Tanya Singh, New Delhi

Mumbai Commuters get a fresh and peaceful start to their hectic work schedules as Times OOH and Pentagon agency organizes activation for Pharmeasy by teaching Yoga.

Yoga connects us, to our true self. Yoga, also connects the world to India.

What started as a sacred mental, physical and spiritual practice nearly 5000 years ago as documented in our Rig Vedas, has now become a global revolution and a lifestyle.  Not that the purpose of Yoga has blurred along its journey through the ages, rather it now and unites countless people on a single platform and simplified singular cause - health and harmony. And as dawn breaks to 21st June, bringing International Yoga Day to surface, our very own Prime Minister can be seen spearheading this cause with a glorifying mass demonstration on the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Aside from that, at least 180 countries are seen participating and propounding the very cause and fortifying the abovementioned quote.

In a small corner of the world, bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west lies the City of Dreams which also celebrated this very day at the very heart of the hustle and bustle in Mumbai Metro. The activation for Pharmeasy organized by Times OOH and Pentagon Activation, became the first of its kind as the first mass engaging activation through an event at Mumbai Metro using the trending occasion of International Yoga Day.

The campaign in the Ghatkopar Metro Station which was active from the 20th  of June to the 22nd of June, took forward their initiative of inviting Metro travelers and asking them to wait and give few minutes of their thoughts for their own health and body, with a full yoga session under the tutelage of Yoga instructors with participants thus receiving Yoga badges, certificates and Pharmeasy Discount coupons. The outdoor media used which further communicated the campaign objective were Digital Screens at MMO and Ghatkopar Video Wall, targeting commuters from all strata with the Pharmeasy brand presence and health awareness.

The Mumbai based start-up Pharmeasy is a medicine delivery app and website that delivers medicines to people's doorstep free of cost and offers them the convenience of getting diagnostics tests done from the comfort of their homes. The app and website is just as informative as helpful, wherein their health blogs can keep one updated daily with regard to health and lifestyle.

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