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Lemma Leads the Way as Real Time Vision Measurement Solution for New Age DOOH Advertising

29, June, 2017

Tanya Singh, New Delhi

Lemma Technologies steps out into the spotlight with its brand new arsenal, contributing to OOH's steadily transforming visage.

Stone Age < Bronze Age < Iron Age < Industrial Age < Atomic Age < the Jet Age < the Space Age < the Digital Age.

It is fascinating how all of human race's existence can be fit within this recognizable chronology. You cannot imagine what will be next; And that's where creative minds surface and innovate what escaped everybody else. Two months ago a spinach leaf  was transformed into a beating human heart tissue. Let that  sink in- a spinach leaf. Even Gen Y couldn't have dreamt of that let alone their predecessors, all in all bolstering the affirmative- the future is glorious.

The Advertising Industry similarly has come a long way since its inception. Safe to say it takes many a great minds for it to have gone from often resorting to 'sex sells' to majority of the market now going for 'innovate- inform- lead the way'. To give you a gist of this notion, Outdoor Media isn't stationary anymore- it moves, it talks and it even thinks (AI).

One such company in the industry that set foot on this avant-garde path is Lemma Technologies. Founded in 2016, it strives to be in the forefront of innovation to become the world's leading Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) ad exchange platform, fortifying its core objective- coming up with the most resourceful ways to help their customers achieve apex results.

As a new addition to their arsenal, Lemma Technologies introduced Real-time Camera based Audience Measurement Solutions for outdoor media. In comprehensible terms, their customers will now receive analytics regarding real visual behavior of consumers in real ad serving context through eyeball detection, as well as real time audience counting solutions, properly segregated into male, female and child groups. This feature has been proved to detect views for particular ads with 90% of detection accuracy and provides easy and effective ways of audience interaction, which helps advertisers get authentic feedback for their campaigns.

OOH is one of the most trusted ways to advertise, be it billboards, posters, screens in buses, railways, malls, restaurants, airports, etc. Though it is easy to see the results of this media, the biggest struggle is in the measurement of the audience and different ways to collect real-time human data. Lemma Technologies has thereon provided this tool to solve the issue and quantify real time data. Advertisers receive detailed inputs for analyzing different aspects such as the success-rate of an ad, number of footfalls, current and future trends in advertising and much more. The dashboard of the platform provides an easy-to-use interface to get an eyeball matrix and segregated audience engagement data based on location, time and total duration.

Similarly major commercial hubs like malls and stores will be able benefit from this technique wherein they will be able to calculate the number of footfalls per day, particular demands for different products, number of customers present at any given time, efficiency in wait time management and a lot more. Availability of both historical data as well as data for a particular time period helps in planning the future course of actions, i.e., Real-time Audience measurement system provides advertisers with real-time data and not just forecast. However, the essential thing to note is that the the data collected in the process is anonymous and the privacy of customers is maintained throughout which means no personal information is collected from them. This software adheres to privacy by design principles and doesn't record any images and videos.

To conclude, one can safely establish that this concept plays a major role in significantly increasing the value of OOH advertising and taking it to the next level.

Mr. Gulab Patil, Co-Founder / CEO, Lemma Technologies proudly expresses, "It is a true milestone for gathering information in the real world setting. We, at Lemma Technologies, are proud to introduce such a useful tool for our esteemed customers. It is part of our endeavor to provide you with the best possible services, always!"

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