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Havas Australia Launches New OOH Agency Down Under

01, May, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

Havas Australia has announced the launch of a new agency unit that specialises in out-of-home (OOH) and local media communication strategies.

Based on behavioural data, proprietary software and geo-located mobile technology, Adcity is designed to change the rules of how OOH can now be bought and planned by enabling clients to target individual consumers with more accurate and effective OOH advertising.

Having already launched in Europe, Asia and Latin America, Adcity's mission is to create targeted and integrated cross-channel solutions through a powerful mix of digital OOH inventory and data-driven behavioural planning.

Havas claims OOH will now be more measurable than ever before and have the ability to fully integrate with other digital channels with greater efficiency and automation.

This is thanks to a proprietary Havas Group data tool called Adcity Solutions, which enables Adcity to buy, trade and optimise relevant OOH locations and creative in real time by integrating consumer socio-demographic, behavioural, mobility and media data to more efficiently accompany clients through their communications strategy at the most granular and geographic level.

Adcity is the first communications agency using this type of technology for OOH in Australia.

The agency will also enable clients to have a better share of Havas talent and resources, as well as create cross-channel learning and development opportunities for internal Havas teams.

James Zipeure, chief operating officer at Havas Media Group Australia, said: "The main objective of Adcity is to further connect people with brands during every phase of the consumer journey by creating engagement across all the channels of OOH and geo-localised communications through innovative solutions, cross-media activities and programmatic.

"The exponential increase in the digitalisation of media, arrival of new technologies and real-time data have profoundly transformed the way we approach OOH and local communications, most notably with the inclusion of mobile data."

Matthieu Habra, head of global network at Adcity, said: "Our newest Adcity office in Australia further increases our reach across the globe, enhancing our offer in Asia Pacific.

"More than ever before, we can truly connect customers and brands across everyday life by providing clients with a data-driven, audience planning approach to lead local or worldwide OOH strategies."

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