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Korean Air's new campaign is all about Luxury

21, April, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

The international airline taps the Indian market by riding high on DMRC Metro Branding Line II.

Well, umpteen Indian brands have boarded DMRC for promotional motives and created long lasting campaigns inside and outside the trains and stations. However, the latest metro campaign is yet more significant and catchy as an international airline brand- Korean Air has wrapped the DMRC metro train with a motive to promote their economical direct flights to South Korea. Executed by CashUrdDrive on the metro property owned by EG Communications, the campaign, started in the April, is running on the Yellow Line II Samayapuri badli to Huda City Centre.

The biggest eye-catcher of the campaign is its creative that emphasis on the world-class facilities and services provided by the airline to their passengers. Each boggy of the train has been used to narrate different offerings such as Entertainment, Network and etc. Even the designing of the print has been designed in a soothing manner to give the pleasant look to the eyes of the passengers.

The Yellow Line route is one of the longest routes of Delhi Metro. Besides travelling through important business hubs such as Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar and Kashmere Gate, the route also covers Gurgaon, where the big corporate houses reside. This sure provides the brand all the required mileage as the TG would most certainly be visually stimulated while on the run to work. The brand is capturing average 915,172 audiences daily on this line which includes people from all walks of life.

Raghu Khanna, CEO, CASHurDRIVE commented on the campaign, "The client looked-for for certain media that could bring maximum no. of impressions & alongside can carry international brand eminence. The motive was to reach maximum no. of corporate & normal office going people who generally desire for rich, entertaining & economic Airline experience".

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