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DOOH Campaign Uses Live Data to Reach Travelers at Heathrow

24, March, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

Seiko Campaign Use Live Data to Reach Travelers Heading for Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show.

Luxury watch brand, Seiko ran a unique DOOH campaign at Heathrow Airport that used live data to target passengers flying to Baselworld, the most important marketplace and trendsetting show for the world's watch and jewelery industry.

Utilizing JCDecaux's SmartCONTENT system, Seiko was able to specify exactly where and when their advertisement displayed across Heathrow's gateroom digital screen network based on live data. Using Heathrow's API data feed, SmartCONTENT identified the precise time of day and exact gateroom location of flights departing to Basel and Zurich, and displayed targeted content at the exact moment when the gates opened for boarding. This smart DOOH campaign enabled Seiko to precisely target industry experts and potential customers flying out to Switzerland for Baselworld, without the need to run a full gateroom digital campaign.

JCDecaux Airport's new CPT model enables advertisers to target an extremely specific audience group based on when and where they are flying, avoiding wastage and allowing for personalization of content, whether that be language specific copy, tailored messages, or precise end-destination weather information.

"Dynamic digital allows brands to not only achieve much tighter targeting through buying a particular audience against an agreed CPT (thus reducing wastage and increasing efficiencies), but also to deliver a bespoke message to that particular group of individuals," said Rob Elms, Sales Director, JCDecaux Airport. "It's therefore very exciting to see how Seiko are utilizing these capabilities to target a unique audience of high net worth individuals that are traveling out to Baselworld. This type of targeting puts the audience at the centre of the media buy, as opposed to the traditional blanket approach of buying a period of time, which delivers a much better ROI.

Seiko's digital campaign ran for 2 weeks across Heathrow Terminal 2 and 5 and was booked by PSI through JCDecaux Airport.

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