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DDB Mudra West's 'Karma' to concentrate on OOH creativity

06, March, 2017

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

The agency's Business Partner-Sanjay Panday gives the OOH medium its credit by quoting it as one of the most critical mediums.

To serve the growing number of start-ups and SMEs in the country, DDB Mudra West launched a new agency named Karma. Headquartered in Mumbai, the agency will partner with the Indian businesses' which are in consistent expansion & growing need for agency formats which provide lesser hierarchy and faster solutions. Karma has been established as a creative business catalyst with an agenda to partner those clients who are making small beginnings but are nurturing larger ambitions.

To begin with, the agency has been given a meaningful name 'Karma' inspired by the legacy of Mudra which, born in Ahmedabad made the city its 'Karmabhoomi'. Karma's philosophy is 'If you do good, then good will come back to you'.

With existing operations in Mumbai and Ahmedabad, the agency is on a consistent expansion mode. Unlike many small-sized agencies, Karma provides the clients with an expertise of a full service, large agency. The clients are facilitated with a customized solution which captures multi facets of marketing and advertising under a single umbrella including OOH medium. As Karma follows a zero hierarchy structure and has a young, empowered & talented team who is entrepreneurial by mindset, the turn-around time for solutions is faster and smoother.

Quoting on the launch, Rajiv Sabnis, Executive Director, DDB Mudra Group said, "Karma has been conceived to tap into the start-up story of India. Many young entrepreneurs, who have big ambitions but are making small beginnings, need a creative partner who can be a catalyst in their business success. Since Karma itself is a start-up, it understands the challenges and opportunities that businesses starting up need to overcome, to succeed and grow."

Added Sanjay Panday, Business Partner, Karma, "Karma is a tribute to our roots. It aims at creating a disruption in the market place with its new model and is bound to kill silos with its fresh ideas."

There is a common notion that the agency's most preferred medium is TVC and for any business to build, TVC plays a pivotal role. However, Sanjay has a different stand on this as he explained, "We are working with our clients to give them solutions which are right for their business at that moment and I believe that OOH is quite a critical part of a marketing initiative for any client, especially if the client has the local market to build. SMEs and Start-ups start to build their businesses from day one, beginning from the local markets. In this entire phenomenon, OOH becomes an essential part of their plan. Therefore, I feel while going forward, the outdoor medium is going to be an important part of a marketing mix."

Considering, DDB Mudra also has a specialized OOH wing- DDB MudraMax, Karma will be working on the outdoor projects in association with the specialised outdoor wing.

Breaking the myth and with consolidated logic, Sanjay clearly gives the OOH medium its due credit in terms of its role and impact in the marketing plan. As he explained, that OOH is as important medium as TV because a brand will employ a TV commercial when its product becomes a national product and available across the country. The fact is that the reach of TV can't be controlled wherein OOH's reach can be controlled considerig it is a local asset. For instance, if a client of ours is launching a product in a limited number of markets, apart from print, OOH becomes a critical part of the marketing mix.

While asking his views on OOH's creative quotient, Sanjay shared that after the invasion of printing flex, nothing significant has taken place in OOH. "There are various developments that have happened on Outdoors, such as outlining of creative or an invasion of LED or the cut-out, however, I haven’t seen innovation beyond that. Additionally, the hardware part of the outdoor haven’t allowed the creative people to execute something path-breaking such as interactivity or real time. There are various innovations which can take place with the infusion of the technology that this industry should consider seriously and see what can be bought in India which is surely within the ambit of law", he explained. 

"Another aspect is how you use the idea differently. I think our effort is always going to break the clutter with less sites but with impactful sites", he further added. 

The agency's backbone comprise of Sanjay Panday on the business front and his Creative Partner Vinayak Nayak, who are front-ending Karma's efforts towards a journey of unique and differentiated proposition. Sanjay is supported by Ronak Shah, his Business Partner in Ahmedabad and Makarand Gholba, his Business Partner in Mumbai. In the first few months of its inception, Karma has already gained around quite a few prestigious clients such as Brand Factory, SOTC and Shree Plan Your Journey in Mumbai, and Arvind Infrastructure, Chartered Speed and Electrotherm in Ahmedabad. The Karma team's latest campaigns include SOTC's 'Summer 2017', Brand Factory's Free Shopping Weekend & Denim Fest that created retail history.

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