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OPPO stands tall with its twin Brand-Towers

06, February, 2017

Bureau, New Delhi

The mobile handset brand capture eyes from miles away in Gurgaon for its Selfie Expert new entrant handset in the market.

OPPO, the new entrant in the mobile handset category, is creating quite a mingling amongst its competition by securing the most suave branding opportunities. The recent takeover of a building facade located in Cyber City Gurgaon showcases that the brand is looking to synergize creativity with branding to the largest extent.

Interestingly, OPPO has wrapped two identical buildings with its two identical advertisements to create a spectacular sight.

The first of its kind branding will be competent to create an instant register OPPO'S TOM recall in the premium mobile hand set handset category.

The campaign is executed by OPPO's OOH media specialist outfit, MOMS and the branding space is handled by Group AAO.

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