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Finally the illegal Bengaluru OOH media to be scrutinised

01, February, 2017

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Legal Media Owners of the city continue to enjoy their presence wherein the authority has identified the unauthorised sites and started to remove those structures.

The tussle grew up between BBMP and Bengaluru Media Owners, last September, seems to be resolving with the positive outcome. The issue related to tax demanded by the local authority had worried the media owner fraternity of the city, however after several discussions and involvement of the apex court, the issue is almost on the verge of sorting out. Wherein, through this entire procedure, the illegal media and their vendors, have come under the authority notice, are getting dissected from the city.

A city based media owner on the condition of anonymity shared, "The authority BBMP had raised the notices related to taxes at the end of 2016 to be paid by their registered media owners. Out of all, the maximum numbers of media owners have paid off their dues, penalties and taxes, that's why all the legal media of the city is safe and continued existing. There is nothing to worry for companies who are working legally". While the issue taken to the apex court has its hearing pending this is expected to finalise soon.

The best outcome of this entire drive is that the illegal media has been dissected from the existing media and BBMP is clear about the specific illegal sites. "There are few illegal sites in the outskirts of the city such as Bannerghatta, Electronic City, Sarjapur, Bellary road where these sites exist. These sites are already getting removed by the BBMP", said a professional.

Majorly illegal sites have been erected in the under construction areas where real estate needs some media to promote their under-construction properties. Therefore unknown vendors had erected few sites and were earning profits by one or two bookings, told to The city has approx. 20% of illegal media out of total. Apart from the authority, the media owners will be benefitted by this drive.

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