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Scanta's maiden OOH campaign creates record breaking results @ Cyber Hub

10, January, 2017

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Experiential Campaign executed at the Cyber Hub in association with All About Outdoor gathers 75000 visitor traffic on their mobile based application during a week long campaign.
  • Mall Media #DLF Cyber Hub, Gurgaon
    Activation: Price - INR 90,000 Per Day
    Company Name: Group AAO
    Contact Person: Anuj Bhandari | Co-Founder and CEO
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Scanta, a reality application recently launched on the occasion of Christmas & New Year festival time has already created stir in the market with the help of its first ever OOH Campaign. Scanta app turned into a virtual Santa who showered gifts to the masses. Scanta aims to turn soft marketing into a seamless experience dotted with surprises.

Scanta, an interactive robot, came alive the moment one scanned the marker and instantly took the user on a virtual experiential tour that not only engages but also leaves the user with a complimentary gift at the end. 

As per the nature of the product which needs to be exposed on real time to the masses, OOH happened to be the best suited medium for promotions, shared the Founder of the Scanta, Chaitanya Herimath.  The application needed to be exposed to the masses at the cool hangout area where audiences had time for the engagement and there couldn't be a better venue than the Cyber Hub so we zeroed upon the Cyber Hub Amphitheatre, he further added.

Like the application is pretty unique, the OOH campaign was also designed exceptionally. The pillars of the amphitheatre were wrapped with unique scan codes which gave the masses various gifts and offers on the scanning. Along with that, the tech brand got Coca Cola on board as its first client which wanted to promote its drink during winters as well. In order to do that, the brand erected a standiee at the Cyber Hub and automatically transferred the free coupon of Coca-Cola drink into the gift bags of the user via cloud based application.

With an aim to promote their application and services, the brand kept the OOH advertising top on their marketing chart and created a cost-effective campaign by shelling out the budget of Rs. 7 Lakh approx. However, the outdoor campaign was further supported by the radio announcements.

"We have bagged amazing response during this campaign. Earlier the maximum traffic we have got was around 4000 visitors but while the campaign was huge support in reaching out to the larger audience" said Chaitanya. Alongside there were numerous Facebook shares, almost 5000 shares.

Considering the path-breaking record, the brand is working on upcoming OOH campaigns already by expanding its deal with All About Outdoor as well as looking out new avenues for the engagement.

"Scanta is a fresh brand in the market and we are glad that they came to us with such innovative idea. The industry needs to have such out of the box campaigns to actually transform that usage and the outlook of the industry. This campaign is a true testimony of a good media planning and showcased the right location is truly enabled to deliver the results.  It is just a start of the year 2017, we hope and continue to create such marvellous campaigns", said Anuj Bhandari, Group CEO, All About Outdoor.  

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