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2016: Unforgettable OOH Campaigns

02, January, 2017

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

2016 year cleaned out numerous barriers of OOH medium which existed in the industry as well as opened up new doors of possibilities with the entry of new innovations.

OOH is one such medium which has no remote control or tuning box or any minimise button to click on. If you are on road, there is no option but to grasp the information displayed on the billboard shouting loud in front of commuters. However in the year 2016, there were few billboards which weren't only easy to ignore but also hard to forget. The year saw a new treatment given to the medium by putting into the usage of the TG that actually derived the real sense of engagement. jotted down the list of those billboards which created a stronger impression in the industry and the masses.

1) Airtel 4G - In today's basic needs of a human being, the Internet is one essential need added. Airtel, which made the internet connection available even to the remotest areas of the country, also turned OOH into a utility. For the 360 degree campaign for the telecom brand, the Milestone Brandcom agency turned a Bus Shelter in the hotspot area and convinced the audiences as well as to the brand to stick with OOH for longer duration.

2) Suzuki Motorcycle and Scooter India - Last year the OOH medium was glorified with the invention of a new technology i.e. Programmable LED. And Jagran Engage agency convinced and successfully executed this new age innovation in Indian Outdoor for ‘Access 125' brand relaunch. The highlight of this campaign and innovation was that the entire innovation was programmed with a set of software and hardware which made the scooter running live on OOH.

3) MINI Cooper - The Indian OOH industry always sighed to match the international standards. But this particular campaign proved that it could be hard, but not impossible. During the Auto-Expo time when great cars were arriving for the display in Greater Noida, some cars were given a halt in between and styled on the billboard. Times OOH crafted MINI Cooper on its property which gave shocked the passengers on the road.

4) FORD - One aspect that OOH medium has always lacked is the sense of connectivity and belongingness to the masses. But last year this barrier was also cleaned out with the motion sensing technology. Kinetic India made this possible in the Delhi & Mumbai Airport Media where the Ford arrived on Digital Screens with passer-by's stepping on the carpet. The campaign, which demonstrated the brand identity, i.e. freedom of expression also gave a new definition to the OOH possibilities.

5) OLA - Almost all brands are socially & environmentally responsible and have been executing their deeds in some or the other way. But OLA, a cab service provider performed their duty by giving a reality check with the help of OOH. The brand installed the LED displayed the carbon emission levels saved in real-time by commuters using Ola Share rides. This campaign was by Ecosys OOH also displayed the powers of OOH medium which no other medium could have performed better.

6) Hewlett Packard - The top most laptop brand has always been pushing the limits of its own innovation and deliveries. Must say that this time, the brand also pushed the envelope for OOH medium. This was another campaign or rather On-Ground Activation which broke the barrier of this medium of just displaying or demonstrating or playing games. An Elite Lounge was erected at the Cyber Hub in association with the Omnicom Media Group agency which first time ever gave a place to professionals for conducting their meetings outside the office along with utilising the newly launched ‘HP Elite Notebook Folio' for their meetings. This was a sheer example of smart activation.

7) Hitachi - The brand's tag states- ‘Inspire the Next' and when the brand came on billboard, it surely passed on some inspiration of trying something extraordinary. To showcase the new-age Refrigerator designed by the brand, The OOH agency Posterscope India also pulled their socks up and crafted a charismatic innovation. As a part of the innovation, every pixel is coded and mapped on the hoarding which different dimensions of the products and OOH medium as well.

8) DNA - While talking about all extra-ordinary stuff, there is one campaign which gathered all brownie points with its creative copy. DNA newspaper which expanded its print services to New Delhi needed something not just hard-hitting but something impactful. Therefore to take the lead in the capital, the brand gave the lead to OOH medium in its marketing initiative and with Havas Media Active agency, stated ‘Don't Subscribe to the Stereotypes', ‘Still Bringing on Junk News? & ‘Never Father a Yawn'. These copies clearly stated that even in the world of technology invasion, there is still spark left in the powerful OOH Copy.

9) Maruti - The OOH campaign is successful when it accelerates the curiosity of viewers. Instead of campaign, actually this brand gave jitters to this medium and actually pushed the limits is Maruti Brand which executed back to back innovation for Maruti Swift & Maruti Baleno. Wherein Baleno the innovation depicted the car running on the mountain, on the other side, Maruti Swift showcased push the envelope statement by breaking the conventional billboard.

10) Dr. Fixit - Sometimes small efforts capture the biggest returns clearly goes with Dr. Fixit OOH Campaign executed by Madison Out of Home agency. Instead of going fancy, the brand preferred being relevant and created a shower of intelligence by showcasing the rain with the help of LED and secured the significance of OOH medium in all conditions.  


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