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Xiaomi India celebrates Mi Festival at Airports

12, December, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

For 3 months of duration, the brand captured Delhi, Mumbai & Bengaluru airports to develop a brand high reach among travelers allowing communication of the brand message as well as showcasing the range of popular Mi India smart phones.

Mi Smartphones owned by Xiaomi Technology India Pvt. Ltd has been on roll from quite some time with its series of smart phones such as Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3S and Mi Max launch in India. While the brand is already creating headlines due to its increasing market share in the country, the brand ideated to present its entire kitty to the TG by celebrating during the on-going festive season. Therefore, to reduce the wastage and target pretty strategically, the brand approached top 3 airports of India i.e. Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore executed by Times OOH.

The objective of the campaign was to showcase these popular smart phones to smartphone consumers moving through key airports in the country and drive up purchase consideration during the festival shopping season.

The smartphones are the hero of the communication and the concept was therefore built around showcasing the smartphones aesthetically and as the dominant focus within the message while reinforcing key assets such as brand identity, name and key features.

"As one of the highest footfall securing destinations - Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore airport terminals offered the brand high reach among travelers allowing communication of the brand message as well as showcasing the range of popular smartphones from Mi India. The uncluttered visual landscape within these terminals meant high attention time and comprehension of the message that played a direct role in increasing demand for these smartphones during the festival shopping period of October. Needless to say, the campaign played a key role in Mi India selling more than 1 million smartphones in just 18 days of October 2016 delivering well on its objective", said Sushant Sreeram, Head - Marketing, Xiaomi India.

Majorly, the large static media sites within New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru airport terminals located at both departure & arrival have been taken as the focus is to create a creative design to achieve salience via humongous visibility. 

"We are delighted to have played our part in Xiaomi achieve an impactful launch. Apart from the significant size of these audiences, these airport audiences are also the early adopters of cutting-edge technology brands such as Xiaomi. Their careful choice of iconic locations, the impactful sizes of these sites and the attention-arresting creatives played a vital role in enabling the brand achieve its marketing objectives in a short time period", stated Sharath Chandra, Chief Revenue Officer & Head Alternate Media, Times OOH.

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