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Top Spending Categories & Brands this Diwali

21, November, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

Real Estate, Automobile, Jewellery, Mobile Handsets and Shopping Malls win over the Diwali Race by spending the highest amount on the Outdoors.
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Festive time, said to be the crucial time for the OOH industry has just gone by. The industry was almost on its toes, no matter whether it was the agency side which tried their lucks hard to get new accounts in their kitties or media owner side wrestled hard enough to get the desired rates for their sites and then the brands also expended extra working hours to get their campaigns ready on time.

However, at the end of it, it is all a numbers game. Considering the fact that most of the brands keep on altering their budgets depending on their need and left over money. All About Outdoor tried to find out that which category and its brands showcased its trust and bestowed the highest budgets to OOH medium in the month of October i.e. Diwali Season. 

Real Estate & Builders-This category stood first in the list of the most spending categories during Diwali Time. Undoubtedly, it is the time when people put their savings out in the market to make their dreams come true. And to lure them, this category also invests its enormous budgets on outdoors to attract them by promoting their new projects, lucrative offers and deals this time.

Category Share-

Units- 5461

Area Covered- 3370336 sqm

Spent in Lakh- INR 9508.29


MCHI Property- 83 sites covering 51438 units by Spending INR 104.69 Lakhs

Rise Resort Residencies- 37 sites covering 16240 units by Spending INR 79.17 Lakhs 

Automobile Category- This category successfully grabbed the second position by splurging out the great amount of budgets this season. Wherein Two Wheeler category invested 2768.72 lakh, the Four Wheeler category spent close to 2099.26 Lakhs and travelled long mile in terms of approaching aspiring generation from metro cities and new generation from smaller towns.

Category Share-

Units- 3363

Area Covered- 1957252 sqm

Spent in Lakh- INR 5067.98

Top brands-

HONDA 2 WHEELER(COMBI BRAKE + EQUALIZER)- With 603 units, the brand attained area of 310421 sq mt by Spending INR 740.01 Lakhs.

HYUNDIA NEW ELANTRA- Captured 83 units which allotted 52650 sq mt area by Spending INR 255.27 Lakhs

Jewellery Brands & Shops- This category surely spread some glitters on the OOH industry with its glamorous creative as well as with its huge spends on this medium.  Kicked off since Durga Pooja festival till Dhanteras, the brands from this category didn’t lose any grip in displaying its magnificent collections via strong impactful sites.

Category Spends-

Units- 2735

Area Covered- 1391606 sqm

Spent in Lakhs- INR 3814.06

Top brands-

Tanishq Jewellery- With 284 units, the brand covered 170441 sq meter area by Spending INR 388.59 Lakhs

PC Jewellers- Took 197 units grab the area of 97196 sq meter by Spending INR 301.71 Lakhs

Mobile Handsets- 4th top category which grabbed the outdoor industry with its highest spends is Mobile Handsets category. This category has always been OOH loyal throughout the year. With new handsets and mobile companies arriving in India, which has the highest smartphone consumption seeks OOH medium as a main promotion tool. With brands like Apple & Samsung taking over the outdoor long term sites, the outdoor medium has tended to become an utmost for the new entries.

Category Spent-

Unit- 1904

Area Coverved- 1111520 sqm

Spends in Lakh- INR 3701.25

Top Brands-

GIONEE S6 S- Acquired 415 units with the area of 223891 sq meter Spent almost INR 1016.31 Lakh

Apple IPhone  7- Took 172 sites and 144089 sq meter area by Cashing out INR 448.95 Lakh

Shopping Malls & Shops- Last but not the least which acquired the final space in top spending categories is Shopping Malls & Shops. This category, which came out as a surprise has beaten some of the predicted categories such as Ecommerce. The reason behind showering so much money and trust on the OOH medium by this category was obvious that OOH helped the malls and shops to connect with the local people from their adjoining areas and welcome them with on-going seasonal sales.

Category Spent

Units- 2588

Area Covered- 1336682 sqm

Budget in Lakhs- INR 3625.62 Lakh


SOUTH INDIA SHOPPING MALL- Seized 106 units, achieved 78782 sq meter by Spending INR 172.88 Lakh

PHOENIX MARKET CITY SHOPPING MALL- Grabbed 37 Units by acquiring 24984 sq meter of area by spending INR 63.18 Lakh

The data has been found out and shared by Time Outdoor Monitoring.


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