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Phoenix Mall in Mumbai embraces LED displays for brand building and engagement

06, September, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

LED display serves as perfect tool in this case where animated & in-motion content can attract & enforce the brand in the mind of viewer.

High Street Phoenix, one of the largest malls has recently beautified its arena by installing a giant LED display in Mumbai. To set the brand Phoenix apart, Phoenix wanted to opt for branding & promotions medium that be unique against its competitors. Therefore, the mall management came up with a plan of installing LED display, manufactured by Xtreme Media in the courtyard endorsing the in-house brands and playing some ramp videos to catch the eyes of their high profile customers.

Going with the flow of digital era, the mall planned to upbeat the competition with the help of new-age displays & entice its customers with vibrant & grand LED display. As suggested by Xtreme Media, Phoenix installed LED display solution to completely catch hold the eyes of the visitors in the vicinity. The placement of LED display plays an integral factor to success of any outdoor advertising campaign. Considering this in mind, LED display is placed in the courtyard of the mall from where visitors can catch glimpse of display easily. Attention span of any viewer is short while multitasking; on the other hand, Visitor of the mall who is relaxing in the courtyard has enough time in hand. This is an opportunity any retail brand would like to use to re-enforce the brand, LED display serves as perfect tool in this case where animated & in-motion content can attract & enforce the brand in the mind of viewer.

Technical Specifications

Height - approx. 10ft

Width - approx. 19ft

Pixel Pitch - P6

P6 outdoor LED display installed in the courtyard is a robust solution which is resistant to dust and water. The humid climate of Mumbai and often heavy rainfall makes it tough for any display to last longer and perform best. However, this LED displays enjoys longer life despite harsh environment, hence unlike other display an outdoor LED display stands against such climate and guarantees a life of 10yrs.


Execution Challenges: Malls are always bustling with crowd; hence it always poses great operational challenges for any new type of change in infrastructure. Since High Street Phoenix witness high rate footfall, it was even challenging to carry out execution at odd hours. Hence, manpower was employed to work at odd hours and execution so smooth that it didn't affect mall opening times. 

No scope for last minute failures: Malls display attract huge number of eyeballs and LED display team have to take extra caution to avoid any type of last minute failures. Designing a large format LED display requires precision, the LED pixels are placed on a module, combined set of modules create a cabinet. When cabinets are combined, a LED display is created.  The seamlessness largely depends on correct alignment. Aligning cabinet properly requires complete accuracy otherwise it affects the performance of LED display. Even the slightest mistakes in the alignment can affect the LED display performance.


Considering the strict deadlines & timeframes of the project, Xtreme Media LED designing & installation team have to put together LED display in odd timings when mall is not busy or closed. Installation team have to cut down the installation process time to meet the conditions.

Troubleshooting a failure dose not have a shortcut solution, the complete LED display has to be dismantled and reinstalled again with the correct alignment. This process often takes lot of time in troubleshooting the problem & resolving the issue. To take care of any last minute problems, Xtreme Media decided to provide mall with extra set of modules and provided a complete training to the internal staff about dismantling the LED display and replacement of module.


As shared by the Phoenix spokesperson, "Xtreme Media have provided an end to end LED display solution for Phoenix malls. We have chosen grand 10 by 19 feet LED display of 6mm for our High Street Phoenix Palladium mall located in Lower Parel & two huge 10 mm LED displays are enriching the experience of visitors for Phoenix Market city in Vimannagar, Pune. Xtreme Media LED display solutions are not only driving engagement with audience but also it is boosting the branding for the mall".

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