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Ola's Do-Your-Share Campaign aims at reducing Carbon across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

17, August, 2016

Malvika Mahal, New Delhi

Ola introduces one-of-its-kind 'Billboard' to track real time carbon emission levels saved in the city. The 15 day campaign powered by WRI, aims at encouraging sustainable mobility.
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Ola, one of country's popular mobile app for transportation recently introduced a first-of-its kind 'Do-Your-Share' campaign which aims to take shared mobility to a new level. Ola plans to install a unique billboard at prominent junctions of the respective three cities to display and track carbon emission levels saved in real-time by commuters using Ola Share rides. The campaign will encourage citizens to adopt shared mobility and help reduce negative impact on the environment, by helping reduce carbon emissions. The initiative went live from the first week of August, across all three cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

The entire campaign has been delineated for the three cities to compete against each other to achieve a set target of reduction in carbon emissions during this period. This initiative by Ola is powered by The World Resource Institute (WRI), a global research organization working towards a creating low carbon economy and was bought to life by Ecosys OOH . Through research, analysis, and recommendations, WRI India puts ideas into action to build transformative solutions to protect the earth, promote livelihoods, and enhance human well-being. Together with WRI's expertise, Ola aims at reducing carbon emission by 1200 tons - 400 tons respectively in each city, contributing to 1200 tons of emissions reduced nationally in the fortnight.

Raghuvesh  Sarup, Head of Categories & CMO at Ola said, "Shared mobility is the new paradigm for sustainable transportation. With Ola's Do Your Share campaign, our goal is to help cities reduce on-road congestion and unhealthy traffic jams, by encouraging more and more commuters to opt for Ola Share. It will be interesting to see the three cities race for clean air, as their citizens compete to contribute towards reduced emissions, responsibly." He further added, "We intend to take this campaign to other cities as well and relentlessly work towards building sustainable mobility solutions for the country, as we advance on our mission of building mobility for a billion Indians."

Vivek P. Adhia, Head Business Engagement at WRI India said "Initiatives promoting sustainable transportation, such as Ola's ride-sharing offering have the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. While gaps have existed in measuring the impact - internationally consistent and locally relevant approaches being adopted by major players, would help in better planning and engagement in this space. We believe the proliferation of such initiatives would help support ambitious climate action at the ground level and play a key role in accelerating progress towards India's national commitments on 33-35% intensity reductions made at Paris COP21 last year. We are thrilled that Ola is using our toolkit to measure their emissions impact on the environment. This is the first step in contributing towards environment-friendly cities in the country."

Ola's shared mobility solutions have effectively saved over 20 lakh liters of fuel, reduced CO2 emissions of close to 48 lakh kilograms and helped 37 lakh vehicles to stay off the road.  Running successfully across many cities, Ola's contribution towards sustainable development is indeed praise worthy.

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