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Protinex adequately tells #SomethingMissing on OOH

09, August, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

In order to capture the captive audience, the brand adopted several unique methods to send out the message aloud i.e. 'SomethingMissing'.
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Indian has diversified cuisines, carrying various beneficial herbs & spices. Moreover, eating habits have always been religiously celebrated in the entire country. However, the rich & tasty food which everyone trust is complete, lacks some of the essential body's daily requirements majorly Protein. Therefore, to realise the masses about that essential element, Protinex, one of India's leading nutrition brand, has launched its new integrated marketing campaign #SomethingMissing. The campaign has been aimed at creating awareness about the protein inadequacy in Indian diets and busting the myth that Regular daily diet is enough for daily needs of Protein.

The #SomethingMissing campaign kicked off on 20th July with a teaser leg to pose a question to the Indian masses ‘Could there be #SomethingMissing in your daily diet?' on various advertising platforms including OOH & On-Ground. Following to that, the unveiling campaign was launched promoting the Protinex supplement and its entire communication.

Himanshu Bakshi, Marketing Director, Danone Nutricia explained the idea behind the communication, "Majority of people assume that home cooked food meets all our daily nutritional requirements, which is a myth. Many researches have shown that the average Indian diet might lack in providing adequate protein, necessary to support healthy lifestyle and overall well-being. Through this campaign, Protinex is making an effort in building awareness about this important fact".

The brand, which has been utilising the OOH medium from quite some time to promote its various products, took over the medium extensively once again. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, have been targeted to capture the youngsters, professionals as well as old age people. "OOH medium is one such medium which adds one element in the 360 degree campaign. Tier I & II cities are key cites and since we have been doing campaigns so we are already aware about their outdoor scenarios. However, Tier II cities are quite economical in spreading messages", shared Himanshu.

Kicked off in two phases- teaser & unveiling. The prior part of the On-Ground activity was designed to intrigue the audience to create a sense of curiosity amongst the masses. In teaser phase, the brand started with an interesting program where famous Mumbai Dabbawalas' were roped in. All the tiffin-boxes delivered by them had enthralling message saying ‘Something Missing' which was directed towards the meal. Through the enormous reach of Dabbawalas, the brand managed to communicate to almost 75 thousand people of Mumbai, however, to achieve the target, the brand made sure that each tiffin-box gets the message without a miss.

Subsequently, the brand, again, sent the message via Dabbawalas unveiling the communication as well as the product with the message that while your food is coming from home is tasty and fresh but still you need something extra to fulfil your daily protein requirement.

Explaining further about the strategy, Himanshu said, "It was the most relevant TG for us during the most relevant time of the day. The idea was to capture the captive audiences to get the maximum mileage."

Another activity organised by the brand to touch a similar sort of audience in a lighter environment in order to engage them. Therefore to create it larger than life and engaging, huge replicas of conventional tiffin boxes were created in the Mumbai based malls. Interestingly, one-box was missing from the entire lot of the boxes which communicated the message ‘Something Missing'. In order to create an excitement in the activation, it was further linked with the digital campaign where audiences were asked to click a selfie with the giant tiffin box and stand a chance to win a food trip across Mumbai.

Considering the scale of the campaign, this is one of the biggest campaigns released by the brand, admitted by Himanshu. However in terms of digits, 9% of their revenue goes for the advertising.

Taproort Dentsu which crafted the communication by keeping the equation of Indians & food in mind. As Pallavi Chakravarti, ECD, Taproot Dentsu said, "We Indians are foodies. Our associations with food are deep-rooted and diverse. But while we romanticise wholesome ghar ka khaana, we overlook the fact that our meals are often insufficient in key nutrients like protein. This campaign aims to get people to realize this and supplement their daily diets with Protinex".

While measuring the ROI of the campaign is hard and even the brand's vision of looking at the returns is slightly different. As Himanshu shared, "We don't look at the standalone ROI for each channel. It is not even fair to look at it because for a consumer, these are the multiple touchpoints, for instance the person coming to the mall must have seen the outdoor and etc. We look at the cost of the entire campaign and then benchmark the incremental revenues that we get during the campaign. We have been following this method and this has given great results. While the scale of this campaign is bigger  because there is a believe that this has resulted well in the past and hopefully to continue to do so in the future."

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