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PATTISON Outdoor Goes Old School for Netflix's New Retro Series Stranger Things

22, July, 2016

Bureau, New Delhi

Netflix's new show Stranger Things Is Homage to 1980s Thrillers, and the Out-of-Home Campaign at TTC stations across Toronto uses old technology to entice viewers.

For every kid during the 1980s, and for fans of the films of the decade, Netflix's new series Stranger Things will feel very familiar and reminiscent of the thrills of Steven Spielberg's earlier works. The Out-of-Home campaign, with media managed by PATTISON Outdoor and production designed by its in-house agency Fourth Wall, pays homage to the retro series with a promotional campaign running until the first week of August at select Toronto TTC stations.

TTC stations include Don Mills, Downsview, Bay, Spadina and Finch stations, and each location includes custom-fitted "Stranger Phones" mounted to Pillar Wraps promoting the Netflix series. The telephones will ring every three minutes, and when a passer-by picks up the receiver, a frightening message pertaining to the show is delivered.

"A telephone similar to the ones shown in Stranger Things and what many grew up with in the 1980s might seem very basic and pedestrian, but actually required a lot of current technology to get them operational on a Pillar Wrap in a short period of time," said Dmitri Melamed, VP of Production for Fourth Wall Media.

He further added- "Like any project we work on, the challenges were extremely inviting. Getting these custom-built telephones up-and-running quickly to meet the needs of the campaign and to ensure these industrial grade receivers could communicate properly with our computers and without direct power for extended periods of time was paramount. Stranger Things extends beyond the bounds as a tribute to films of the 80s, so our execution needed to fit the theme."

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