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Superia Soap paints the OOH interiors with strategic media planning

14, July, 2016

Bhawana Anand, New Delhi

With the help of Kinetic Academy, the overall brand campaign in OOH brought in edge with the media mix and innovation.

ITC takes its sub-brand Superia Soap into the interiors parts of the counrty with its latest OOH campaign to create the brand awareness. Executed in defined target markets driving preference of the brand, the campaign was launched in 26 towns with variable media mix multiplying the reach and effectiveness of the brand communication. The outdoor planning and media booking for the campaign was done by Kinetic India, an OOH specialist agency.

Considering the communication guidelines, the extensive campaign was designed with the help of agency's proprietary suite of tools 'Kinetic Academy'.  Through its assistance, the agency drew some insights to reach out to the fragmented audiences in the interiors with geographic spread.

In order to the drive preference, the campaign was created beyond usual and crafted towns with attention-grabbing innovations highlighting the product essence. Each media format was selected to play a unique role in meeting the objective of the campaign substantiating the strategic approach. For instance, proximity to transit points & market areas were the mainstay in media mix. Wall wraps gave deep penetration in media dark tier 3 towns, wherein zone branding created a surround visibility further straddling with Gantry. A simple modernization of the 3D soap moving in and out of the soap pack on a Unipole grabbed attention and heightened the interest among the passerby.

Commenting on the campaign, Rajeeb Bhattacharya, Region Head - East and South, Kinetic India, said, "With the help of our tools we coupled market understanding and media planning which delivered efficient and effective campaign. We are also glad to be associated with esteemed company and be part of their media communication".

On this association with Kinetic India, ITC Spokesperson expressed, "Kinetic has duly fulfilled the objective of the campaign and has brought in a clear targeting of brand communication to consumers at the areas of their presence and shown excellent existence in the deeper pockets of Rajasthan."


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