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NARS launches a geo-targeted DigitalTops campaign

01, July, 2016

Bureau, New Delhi

Beauty brand, NARS use Verifone Media DigitalTops to spread awareness of new store opening in Covent Garden.

Covent Garden is known as being a busy retail area with a mix of high end, and high street stores. NARS Cosmetics is the latest store to open in Covent Garden's beauty quarter. To spread awareness of the new store, NARS have launched a geo-targeted DigitalTops campaign to ensure they reach busy shoppers and inform them of the new store. A general branding message plays within a 2km radius of Covent Garden meaning they are getting their brand in front of consumers in key areas of high footfall. Between a 1-2 km radius, a specific Covent Garden store message is played to build awareness and to drive footfall to the new store.

Verifone Media's HD DigitalTops can allow a brand to target specific audiences at a narrowed down location as granular as a street. This is great for reinforcing a message within close proximity to a desired location. Sales and Marketing Director Jim Cohen explains, "The Verifone Media DigitalTops offering gives brands the opportunity to target consumers in desired areas with relevance. The NARS campaign is a great example of this, the fact we are able to run two ads, with slightly different content down to difference in proximity means the right message is reaching the right audience at the right time. We hope to keep using DigitalTops in this way to really drive a brand message in areas key to their audience, and keep testing the capabilities of our Digital product."

With 200 HD DigitalTops on the road, they can't be missed so keep an eye for them when you're out and about around London.

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